XPS 13

Best answer: With a high-quality 4K display and powerful internals, the XPS 13 is a great, highly portable laptop for editing video.

Dell: XPS 13 9370 (From $899)

A high-quality 4K display

Perhaps one of the biggest improvements on the latest generation XPS 13 from the perspective of video editing is that it now has an option for a 4K display.

The IGZO panel used in the XPS 13 9370 is also brighter than previous models, at 400 nits, and has excellent color reproduction hitting 99 percent sRGB and 79 percent Adobe RGB.

Dell also added an anti-glare layer to what is essentially a glossy touchscreen display. This preserves the quality, brightness, and color accuracy while minimizing reflections.

Windows Central Video Editor Mark Guim had this to say about the XPS 13:

I love the high 99-percent sRGB color gamut because there won't be any surprises with the colors when I upload to YouTube.

Powerful yet portable

Video editing is an intensive process, and while you'll never replicate a desktop rig in a tiny Ultrabook, the latest XPS 13 benefits from recent advances to provide more grunt than ever before.

With the latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor you get four cores with eight threads, where older model XPS 13s would have had half each of those.

It's still a laptop processor, but when you're looking at editing video on the go, a quad-core is what you should be looking for.

According to Guim:

The size of the Dell XPS 13 is perfect for editing on the go. It is especially helpful when editing hands-on videos at tech conferences like CES or Mobile World Congress. I don't want to carry something heavy or bulky when walking through the convention center while also carrying camera equipment.

Connect an eGPU for more power

Thanks to its Thunderbolt 3 port, the Dell XPS 13 can be connected to an eGPU which will add the performance of a desktop graphics card to your laptop.

Naturally, this isn't something you can carry around with you, but in a home office, it's a way to turn your XPS 13 into a desktop PC. Dedicated GPUs can help lighten the load on a system during video rendering, and since the XPS 13 only has integrated Intel graphics, anything you can add from the outside is a bonus.

Something like the Razer Core X is a great shout. It's affordable and relatively compact while still accepting full sized graphics cards. It's self powered, and a single Thunderbolt 3 cable is all you need to hook it up to the laptop.

Guim said:

I love the option of being able to connect to an eGPU when I need the power for more complicated edits.

Our pick

Dell XPS 13 9370

Powerful and portable with a great display.

Now coming with a 4K display with 99% sRGB and a quad-core processor, the XPS 13 is a capable laptop for a spot of mobile video editing.

Great eGPU

Razer Core X

An eGPU without the fluff.

Razer's eGPU is now cheaper than ever thanks in part to removing the additional connectivity you may not even want. Simple, stylish and superb quality.

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