Dell's next XPS 13 teased with stunning white design

Dell only just recently updated its XPS 13 lineup with Intel's latest processors, but it's already starting to tease what's next for the popular laptop. The PC maker recently showed off what it's working on for the next XPS 13 to the folks at Hot Hardware, and the design tweaks on deck are sure to catch some eyes.

Most notably, the XPS 13 model teased by Dell sheds the line's typically black interior for a starkly white finish. Setting concerns about dirt and dust aside, the white interior certainly looks impressive. Interestingly, Hot Hardware notes that Dell used a woven glass fiber material for the palm rest and keyboard deck. Dell explained the change of material was due to the difficulty in achieving a quality result when painting hybrid carbon fiber.

Dell XPS 13 White

Another notable change is the position of the camera, which has moved from below the left corner of the display to the middle. It's also now much more prominent when placed against the white of the bezel.

Oh, and there's now facial recognition for Windows Hello instead of a fingerprint reader.

Hot Hardware was also able to confirm the array of ports on board, which include three Thunderbolt 3 ports and a microSD card reader. A battery status indicator is also present on the side of the laptop, displaying remaining capacity with 5 LEDs when you press a button. Accessories included in the box include a white power adapter, a while USB-C to USB-A adapter, and a white sleeve for storage.

There's no word from Dell on when to expect the next XPS 13, but it looks like fans will have something to look forward to. In the meantime, you can get the current XPS 13 starting at $799.99 at Dell.

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