Destiny 2 gets official reveal

We've known for awhile that a sequel to Activision's online shooter Destiny is on the way, and now we have a title: Destiny 2. The news was revealed via the official Destiny Twitter account in the first of what will likely be many teaser images over the coming months.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to come out of this teaser image is that it jives with some retail posters that leaked late last week. The same logo style that appears in this official teaser also appeared on the posters, lending some credence to their legitimacy and, by extension, their claim of a September 8 release date. For their part, Activision and Bungie have yet to confirm a release date, but some point in September would square with previous major releases for the first game.

Outside of knowledge that the sequel will launch this year, and now its name, there isn't yet much known about Destiny 2. It's highly likely we'll hear much more by the time E3 rolls around, however. For now, you can hop back into Destiny to get ready for the game's final event, which is set to kick off tomorrow, March 28, and will see some older raids make a return.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I really wish each iteration was connected from a character progression standpoint.  We were kind of led to believe that our progress would carry over throughout the game universe through each's just not true.  I do look forward to a new experience but I feel as though my time is wasted playing upcoming content knowing that it won't carry over. Bungie releases nearly all of their games in September, so I am not sure why everyone seems so shocked with the September release date.
  • Thats not really a thing in MMO's though. You get a new game, you start with a new character. They can't really fairly do it or else you'll have no where to really progress anyway.
  • Destiny is -not- an MMO. It's an online shooter with MMORPG elements. That's like calling Call of Duty an RPG just because it has the exp and levelling RPG element.
  • Can a 'massive' amount of people be online in the same server at once? Yup. Is it Multiplayer? Yup. Is it Online? Yup. Even Bungie admits it, so I don't know what you're trying to get at. 
  • I totally agree. I've been - even now, years after release, playing Destiny 1 ~4-5 days a week for at least 30-60minutes, sometimes way more, trying to level both my main and 2 alts to have all the exotics at 400, all of the storylines across all characters (not just 1) done, etc. and I find out a couple weeks ago it doesn't get me any progress in Destiny 2. I literally haven't opened the game since. I may play a little when the final mini-expansion comes out, but I'm hugely disappointed.
  • I don't really understand why people expected that. Did you think Destiny 2 was going to be all high level content? or that you would open it up and be able to just play the highest level content (effectively skipping the rest of the content)
  • We excpected it because they said it?  I mean, they were a bit vague but all indications pointed to current progression and items impacting and carrying over to future installments. They also already solved the problem of old items being used in new expansions for the most part.  Nearly any weapon can be upgraded to current light/damage level requirements so, yes, we did expect to carry over our items.  If you've played the game recently you'd understand this and understand why people expected that.
  • That may be it. I refused to pay for the entire game to get expansions. I can only go by preceidents set by other games out there, I can't think of one that allow you to carry everything over into a sequal and is a multiplayer game.
  • This is exactly why MMOs release in expansions generally instead of full-blown, full-priced sequels - so consumers can obtain and retain items and progression.  Literally right when Destiny matured from a FPS to an MMO, it's now turning back into a FPS.
  • Cant say I'm too surprised. Nothing about Destiny has been handled well. I can only assume Activision is behind the bleeding of gamers in this.
  • I think people expected there to just be Destiny, not Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. I.e new features and content added to Destiny for years to come.
  • ...just make sure it launches on Scorpio
  • Why wouldn't it?
  • In the leaked poster it was a Playstation exclusive.
  • There will be PlayStation Exclusive content for the game, not the whole game itself. Probably either a low level weapon or a skin of some kind. Possibly VR but I doubt it.
  • There are no Scorpio games, only Xbox One games that have additional higher graphics settings specifically for Scorpio.
  • Any VR games will run only on Scorpio (in terms of console) so this isnt really true. The One and One S do not have the required power to run VR
  • In the sense that there are Kinect only games, yeah. But games with vr components, where vr is not a requirement, then they will also be available on XB1
  • ...just make sure it actually has a compelling story.
  • The story wasn't bad just wasn't fluid and didn't build each expansion wasn't a build on the main story it was a different story line that they put vague connectors in to connect them.