Destiny's old raids are coming back for its final event, Age of Triumph

Destiny developer Bungie revealed the details of the game's upcoming final event, Age of Triumph, and it looks like it'll be a bit of a blast from the past. Set to arrive at the end of March, the Age of Triumph event will bring Destiny's story to a close by bringing back old raids for current players to take on.

As part of the event, old raids ranging from The Vault of Glass to Crota's End will make a return, revamped and ready to take on at light level 390. That brings the old raids up to the same relative difficulty level as the latest raid. Age of Triumph will also feature the game's largest record book at 13 pages. Inside, you'll find plenty of challenges to take on. If you complete them all, Bungie will sell you a special t-shirt to mark your accomplishments.

All of this comes as the game starts to wind things down in anticipation for the release of Destiny 2. There aren't many details on the sequel just yet, but Bungie did just recently confirm that character power, possessions, and Eververse items from the first game won't carry over. Certain aspects of your character, like his or her appearance, will move over, however.

Age of Triumph is set to begin on March 28, and Bungie says more information about the event will come out ahead of its start.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • It's sad that they waited to bring this to the game when it's essentially too late as everything you earn is lost for Destiny 2.
  • I love the line about them selling you a t-shirt like its some kind of amazing opportunity.
  • Agreed! Some already spent around $200 for their full game and if you complete every items in their 13 page checklist they will provide you the opportunity to buy a t-shirt?? Hahaha no thanks. How about with all the money you brought in you give those dedicated players a tshirt.
  • It's cool. Its not about the money, its about the achievement. I have a Year 2 t-shirt, with a custom label with my Xbox live gamertag on it. I love it. It reminds me of the hard work, the great fun and has a nice sense of achievement that I get when I wear it. You can only get the t-shirt if you complete the book, I think its kinda cool :)
  • As an Xbox player, I was quite upset that I had to wait a year to get the same content that the PlayStation players were enjoying or never getting it at all. I quit playing right before Iron Banner dropped. Not sure if I'll get Destiny 2 or not.
  • I've never played. Would it be worth picking it up cheap? Or does it really "end" so that i can't play?
  • I don't think it will end for years, but no new content will come to it. You should be able to play it as much as you want, but some multiplayer missions (strikes = 3 people, raids = 6 people) will start to see other players in the pool dry up in a few months.
  • old raids.  haha the last content for destiny is recycled content.  sounds about right.