Destiny generates $325 million in total sales in first five days

Activision revealed today that sales of Destiny, the long awaited new sci-fi shooter from Halo's original development team Bungie, have totaled $325 million in its first five days worldwide.

Destiny first went on sale on September 9 and later that week Activision said that it sold $500 million worth of the game to retailers, so a sell-through of $325 million in its first five days is pretty solid, especially for a new IP. Eric Hirshberg, CEO, Activision Publishing, is quoted as saying, "Destiny fans played more than 100 million hours of the game in the first week. That's on par with the engagement levels of our most popular Call of Duty games, which obviously is an industry leader."

There's no word yet on the breakdown of how many copies of the game were sold for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. While Activision and Bungie made agreements with Sony to promote Destiny heavily on the PlayStation platforms, Microsoft has also put a lot of effort into marketing Destiny as well, to tap into Bungie's previous fan base for the Halo games.

If you have played Destiny, what is your opinion on Bungie's latest game?

Source: Activision

John Callaham
  • Wow
  • Just for fun... Halo 3 made $170 million... In the first 24 hours. On just 1 platform. Halo Reach broke that record. $200 million. And then Halo 4 broke that record $220 million. All that on just 1 platform, in 24 hours.
  • And it is fun to play.
  • Wow that's crazy.. Man I need to make a great game lol.
  • Don't use Destiny as a model then.  It is not fun.
  • Destiny was way overrated. It is not that fun.
  • Unfortunately, I have to agree. I thought I'd try it out on my friend's X1 and it just wasn't that great.
  • It's all about marketing.
  • You mean hype. :)
  • Good Marketing turns into hype, a la Destiny?
  • See this is the point. Marketing is the only thing that can sell something even its not worth the money at this point and it will grow.
    Want an example? *IPhone 6*
    Want someone who can learn from this example? *MS about WP*
  • But I'd say WP is worth its money :)
  • Sure marketing plays a huge role.  But, so does availability.  You show a product, then in two weeks or less the product is released (Apple).  This is what I'm hoping Microsoft is going to do once they release their branded phones.  But most likely what will happen is that they show off a phone then it will be released 3 - 8 months later.  Then to boot it will be an "exclusive" for one carrier.  Tack on another 3 - 4 months before it hits the other carriers (US of course), by that time there's already news about a NEW device right around the corner.  And that's the real problem.  But I love Microsoft nonetheless!  :)
  • 100% agree. Two things need to go, since I don't live in USA but still want to see WP grow...
    1- Finish Carrier Exclusively.
    2- Make devices launch faster. 1-2 months is maximum there should be delay. The phone should be available within 1-2 months. No more delay.
  • Love hate relationship...
  • reminds me of apple products 
  • Maybe Microsoft could hire their marketing team lol
  • I bought Destiny and felt the exact same way. But, since I bought it, and had time this week, I thought I wild give it more time. Now, I'm starting to get into it. It is slow on transitions (flight animations etc) and takes more time to start building up engagement with your character than other games. However, my interest is really starting to grow, and tho may end up being hours of fun.
  • I heard that it wasn't that good to.
  • People say WP isn't good. Do you believe them also? Think for yourself. Don't listen to haters. I have Destiny, and I love it!
  • I've been enjoying it. I'm curious. What are you guys looking for that makes it not fun for you?
  • I think for most people it reminds too much of halo, probably graphics wise, global illumination and material textures. That's a turn off for me, and a thought beta was boring too. It has fun ideas for a mmofps concept. But rest is mediocre.
  • I really like it.
    Unlike most MMOs, there is a real challenge, And you really are working to defeat enemies. Most MMOs are like, 1,4,3,2 press button cycle. In WoW there isn't even dodge. I like Destiny, there is a hidden depth and beauty many people havent given the time to try.
  • I'm looking for successor to RE 4 and 5.
  • Bungies/Activision overpromised. The game is great for what it has, but it hasn't got that much at this point. Bungie was talking about exploring galaxy, yet we have 5 locations in solar system, each with one map divided in sub-maps. There is a lot of back-tracking, running through same environments while playing different missions. Basically a lot of same environments recycling. Story missions are a bit same-as, following checkpoints from start till end, killing waves of enemies, having big fight/boss fight at the end of each story mission. They should have included more gameplay variety, maybe vehicles, convoy escorts, you know? Different scenarios. There is not that much of a story so far. Granted I'm only level 10, but I expected more of lore, more of cutscenes, more of dialogues... and better quality dialogues. What is The Darkness? Who are Awaken? Where is the epic CGI showing last battle between The Traveler and The Darkness, something like opening of LoTR where Sauron loses his finger, and ring? Cutscenes can drown the game if they are overused, but for such high-production game, Destiny should have more awe-inspiring content. For a social FPS, socializing is not easy. There are limitations to voice comm, fireteams are by default friends-only, and the game doesn't really make it easy to co-op with random people. Of course playing with friends is nicer, but friends are not always around. My largest personal complain? Game is just out and there are already two DLCs announced for the end of this year. They were obviously developed with the game, maybe even as part of the game - before someone in Activision decided to separate them and sell them for extra buck. Reeks of greed, and that is never good. Destiny will probably be huge game once everything is out, but it will cost multiple price of any other full-size game. Contract with Activision is for 10 years. What was the point of releasing this game on PS3 and X360 at this stage of their life? First off, they had to make compromises in order to make game experience the same. Without last-gen, we could have much bigger fights with more people taking part, both co-op and pvp. And there is no way PS3 and X360 will follow up game till the end - Bungie will drop support sooner or later, maybe even in the next year. Will there at least be a way for gamers to move their characters to different platform and pick up from where they reached? Making this game for XBO, PS4 and PC would make much more sense. As it is, for a game with story of global proportions (humaity vs. The Darkness), everything feels very small. Alien dropships drop handful of AI aliens, fireteams have only 3 Guardians, Raids have only 6 players... it just doesn't feel as big as the background story is implying. All that being said, I am actually enjoying game. Firefights, repetitive as they are, are still highly enjoyable - Bungie obviously knows how to make tight FPS experience. Game is not bad, but for something in development since Halo 2, and with THAT budget, it should have been much more than good visuals and good fighting mechanisms. And for new franchise, it shouldn't have been last gen, IMHO.
  • Fyi, the darkness is a game published by take2. That must be what they are referring too. Lol
  • I'd rather meet Witchblade in Destiny... the Darkness was OK, but Witchy... ;)
  • I enjoyed the beta but it is not really a must buy. It's just a nice game to have but I'm looking forward to replaying GTA V more than buying Destiny.
  • Dat 1080p doh
  • Agree.
  • This game u cant play alone
  • Yeah, overhyped
  • your right about that, it's cool, it's good it's a bigger and better graphic borderlands which I love btw... but it has more hype them it could deliver on... but I like it
  • Yup. I'm very pissed about my decision to do the digital download. I already deleted it. I hope Bungie retires after this, because their cred is zero.
  • I wish i could have 1% from that number
  • Lol tell me about it, but I want 100% from that lol. I don't limit myself. :)
  • I want 110% from that. I don't limit myself.
  • Lol
  • Well let them some cash too
  • I want everything they could possibly give me and MORE!!!
  • Hahaha lol
  • Overhyped but still good I give it an 8 out of 10
  • Heard is not even good. Thank god I didn't buy it.
  • I already beat it. I like the game alot, but wished for more storyline missions.
  • Worse is you need gold to be able to really play the game. I'm afraid that games will be gold mandatory one day. That will be the day I stop playing video games on console and start playing PC games and use steam etc.
  • Don't fool yourself or others. It requires gold because it is an online game. If someone guys the game first and then complains about gold second, then that someone is a complete and total idiot for not doing his research. It's like complaining that Internet is mandatory for online multiplayer..
  • Burn
  • Probably the most ironic thing about Destiny is how many Playstation fanboys got all googly eyed about it just because Sony invested so much marketing money in it. This is ironic for two reasons. 1. These gamers for over a decade naively said "Bungie sucks. Halo sucks." And then when they finally get a taste of Bungie they immediately changed their tune to "Bungie is awesome!". 2. Many Playstation gamers, before the launch of the consoles were ripping apart Microsoft's online check-in policy, yet, here they are buying a game that requires an online connection.
  • Isn't Destiny basically an MMO though? It's hard to argue that a multiplayer only game requiring the internet and a console requiring internet to use single-player games offline are the same thing.
  • I'm not saying they're exactly the same thing, just that the concept is close enough that I find it hypocritical, particularly when you consider that most of the complainers likely were carrying around smartphones in their pocket that violate everything they were complaining about much more egregiously than the original Xbox One policies did (all digital, can't buy or sell used apps, a network-connected camera with GPS on at all times, apps and games that require digital verification, etc.).
  • Been saying the same thing. Destiny is good but it is all pure marketing. And for the poor PS player, it is the only decent shooter they get to play (Killzone sucks balls and CoDs are meh, new one looks good) so of course they will be hyped about it.. For the Xbox user, when you get Gears of War and Halo, Destiny is just another game.
    I will not buying Destiny anytime soon, unless someone wants to buy it for me. I refuse to pay for a game with such limited content (4 worlds out of which I explored 2 in the Beta) and pay $20 for each freaking DLC that should have been part of the main product.. If Mass Effect ever goes online, it would kick Destiny's ass hard and wipe the floor with it.. Even Mass Effect 1 has more content than Destiny.
  • That was always the problem with hammering the beta. The thing is, its not that much content (now) compared to a major MMO. But its plenty of content compared to say COD or other single player game with a multiplayer add on element. The PvP is excellent. Its enough maps and games for any hardcore PvPer already. If they keep adding content regularly it will be an amazing game. The quality levels are insanely high.
  • Destiny isn't a bad game, per se, it's just not that great and it certainly didn't live up to the hype (not even close). That said, I have to strongly disagree with your statement that the PvP is "excellent". It's some of the worst competitive multiplayer FPS I've ever played, and I've played FPS back since the days of Quake all the way to Titanfall and everything in between. It's completely unbalanced, unoriginal, and just not that fun. Titanfall's PvP was much much better.
  • LOL if you believe its unbalanced then you aren't qualified to have an opinion.  In crucible all level advantages are disabled, and all weapons are equalised. The maps are interesting, and the quality of the mechanics is insanely high. Its no less original than CoD, Halo any shooter with multiplayer.  Ex Quake playere here too. Destiny multiplay/ PvP is sumptuous.  
  • It's because of the vehicles and the turrets that that the PvP is so badly unbalanced. And, yes, it's unbalanced--badly. On some maps people can get in vehicles and completely take over the game. In contrast, Titanfall has an amazing balance between pilots and titans. Destiny's PvP is so bad that they would've been better off not even including it at all. "It's no less original than CoD, Halo, [or any other] shooter with multiplayer". Right, except that those games came out before Destiny. See how originality works? Look to Titanfall as a great example of how you can reinvent the FPS multiplayer genre years after Halo defined it and CoD expanded on it.
  • I love it. Especially with the launch of raids yesterday.
  • I love that you drink good beer. Cheers :)
  • I love Daft Punk!
  • Microbrews or bust ;)
  • Awesome :)
  • I am really enjoying Destiny. I can't wait to see how it grows.
  • The game got mostly 60/100 from the major review sites and I'd agree with that. The game play is a lot of fun but it doesn't give you much a reason to continue. You get "new" missions on the same map over and over again. The lack of story or diversity of enemies makes me sure I'll be bored with it in a month at most.
    Bungie said it's a platform for the next 10 years but I find it hard to justifying buying anymore expansions.
  • Y'all have lost your minds. Destiny is amazing.
  • Destiny reminds me of warframe. Except warframe is free and warframe has a story that makes more sense.
  • You can't seriously compare the two. As cute as Warframe is, its no Destiny.
  • It gave me a reason to turn the 360 on in months... I'm almost lvl 17 now.
  • I'm having a great time, playing with friends and random people is fun. I love the strike missions the most. Having to wear down a huge boss is great.
  • Did my first strike mission last night with two other complete strangers. Lets just say we annihilated the boss. And I came out with two new friends to continue playing with. Good times. Loving this game.
  • I won't be buying the game, pretty much no offline and a waste of cash like Titanfall.
  • Thanks for encouraging me to play the game. I love Titanfall.
  • Agreed on Titanfall
  • Yeah, Titanfall is awesome. In fact, it was while playing the PvP in the Destiny beta where I thought, "Man, this sucks compared to Titanfall." Immediately cancelled my Destiny preorder and got the Titanfall season pass instead.
  • Funny guys eh? xD
    Wasn't encouraging anybody towards anything. I simply do not agree with Microsoft's gold paywall. #HatingGoldSinceItsExistence
  • So you hate paying? Boo hoo. Servers, suppprt staff, firewalls, networks all need money. The Live service is renowned for how solid it is. The cross party chat and API which means regardless of game you can party with your friends. Achievements all baked into games as an API and service. For the sake of the cost of 2 or 3 movie visits you get a year of gaming, hundreds of hours. Its great value. You must be young and have an overblown sense of entitlement.  
  • The game is not that great
  • Woah!
  • GTA V earned $800 million... Within 24 hours.... It's not even close. #RockStar Games!!! You are the best!
  • Destiny is an absolutely new IP unlike GTA series. So this is a pretty impressive result. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Okay.. Thanks for the reply..
  • GTA didn't have half the PR and marketing that Destiny had. And it made a billion in 3 days.
  • GTA is the boss!! Of all the open world games... #RockstarGames
  • That is correct but GTA is already well established and loved franchise and everybody know what to expect from it. Therefore, there was no need for an expensive PR, hype was present for years.
  • Oh please. GTA didnt have the PR of Destiny?  LOLOOOOLLLL numpty. Based on what stats? The ones the come out the top of your head? We only saw Destiny adverts about a week during the release week of the game.
    Rockstar have already started advertising console GTA.
  • I'm not even going to argue with the likes of you.. A know-it-all smartass.
  • You wouldn't cos you got a big mouth with no source of your so called facts. Twerp. GTA5 spent 150 million on marketing. Thats prior to the console version. Desinty is 500 total, and no one knows the breakdown of that 500 only that it took 6 years just to develop the engine, and the money went on non development costs listed as ""marketing, packaging, infrastructure support, royalties and other costs,"  So... you have no clue on how many marketing dollars have been spent, nor what the current GTA5 console release marketing spend is. Therefore you can't come to a conclusion or make these wild claims that you have. No go play with your dolly or something, leave the grown ups to talk.
  • Grown up? Twerp? Is this how you're trying to prove points? I swear, you deserve a big boot so far up your well, you'd end up throwing it up.. In Trevor's words, go f*** yourself, that's how much your opinion counts.
  • Your juvenile reply says it all. I didnt post opinion, they were easily obtainable stats from the Internet. Try again child. Another insult perhaps? Good luck with puberty.
  • Regardless. I'll be buying GTA V again this time for my XB1. 
  • It's a good game no denying, I think we are much harder to please these days. Destiny is not particularly innovative or ground breaking. But then again neither is Fifa or CoD but we all love playing them. That's what counts.
  • Never liked Fifa and hate CoD/Battlefield. Bring on Halo and SW Battlefront III >:D
  • Destiny feels like halo 2 combined with Diablo 2. Imo its one of the best games ever made.
  • Destiny is a beneficiary and also a victim of the hype machine. Hype helped them make a lot of money and get a lot of people to play their good game. The downside was that people were expecting a groundbreaking totally awesome experience. They were expecting the feeling they had when they first played Halo. So the good game ends up being less satisfying.
  • Yah I'm actually really enjoying it. It gives me the same feeling as every mmo I've enjoyed playing. But better because its a shooter
  • The multi player is fun but lacks social concepts I would expect out of seeing so many other people while playing, multi player crucible matches are fun for sure but I just finished the story and it was really lacking, after all of the in game movies and dialogue I still have no idea what is going on, and what I do know is kind of uninspiring. hopefully expansions will build on that.
  • Blessing and a curse. Its not _that_ social, but no chat means you cant also get ragged on or blamed for not doing your role like in DOTA. If they build on social, I hope they keep the "peaceful" aspect of the game.
  • Strange. I am loving it. Story is average scifi. But the execution, visuals on xbox one are beyond stunning and the coop element in those missions is just so refreshing. Hope more games pick up on this destiny concept. Dragon age, talking to u!
  • Ooo, Dragon Age with the same sort of social element would be awesome! Good call.  And I agree best damn looking game on a console in a while. Visuals are beyond stunning. There was a lot of good quality coding that went in to this game and you can tell. 
  • Loving the game. Im no fanboy, first I was like "meh, borderlands with better graphics" and i hated borderlands. After trying beta.. Well..lets say Ive clocked about 40h in live now and another 3-4h coming ip tonight with my fireteam of RL friends. No game is for everyone, though
  • Project Spark is for everyone.
  • Destiny is epic. Has a really good end game
  • I give Destiny an 9/10 though what we have now is grinding, I'm looking forward to future DLC that will male the game bloom into what it will truly be.
  • I feel like its a proof-of-concept for more mmo-ish sequels.
  • With so many money that it's worth, it is logical that they made that much money, they literally squeezed every customer
  • Great game with exciting potential. So this means they sold through about 5.5 million units. Very impressive especially for a new IP. I hope they work on its content, make the story better and bring us more content. Brilliant game.
  • I personally was dissapointed at the length of the campaign. Unless they are going to add more to it. I would've also thought that introducing planets, each planet would've had more than one map. Seems they started off with great promise then kept cutting back. Everything could've just as easily been done on Earth. Its not even like the individual planets have their own physics or anything truly unique about them that sets them apart from each other. Except the landscape and the architecture but like I say, they could just as easily be different points on earth. The saving grace of this game is the graphics. Otherwise all it really is is Halo ODST with a bit more multiplayer. Every thing is there for a great game but the story just isn't anywhere near epic enough. It's like they forgot about writing the story untill a week before release and just threw something in there. From the creators of Halo I expected much much more. Halo brought together a story expanding centuries and characters that all had a roll. Destiny is more like "No one can really be bothered to save the solar system, but you can have a go if you like." There's no armada trying to take on any of the enemies. No one at the tower really seems bothered about their impending doom.
  • Eurogamer stated (via charttrack) that Destiny's sales split in UK between Playstation and Xbox platforms were 50-50.
  • And, correct me if I'm wrong, but the UK didn't have the 'buy an Xbox get a free game [i.e. Destiny]' deal like in the U.S., right?
  • I think that was US only, plus Microsoft was technically not allowed to market Destiny at all in the UK
  • Then all the more impressive that Destiny sales split evenly among Xbox One and PS4 in the U.K., if that's true.
  • Lol and Sony said Activision made the full 500 back in one day.
  • Strange, I thought they claimed $500 million first day...
  • O Destiny. I like ya I really do but, I paid $60 for a $15 story. Vanguard quest are so repetitive and so are the Crucible pvp maps. We get to the end of the game (which only took me a few days) and I'm going that's it. We take a peek at the Awoken and the queen tells you you owe her. The only enemy's worth fighting are the Vex because they can teleport. To get past level 20 you have to buy more powerful armor, come on man. The expansion packs cost $20 apiece. Give me a break. Fun til you realize how much boring stuff you have to do to acquire legendary weapons and armors. That is a joke. I give it a 6/10 because of repetitive gameplay and lack of an engaging story.
  • That's more than what most make from the movie industry!
  • I bet xb1 users bought more game licences than ps4 ones... I bought the complete digital pack with expansions just to show Activision we are better and can spend more ;)
  • Me too
  • Does everyone realize that's more than any one movie has generated in that time frame. It makes you wonder why there isn't even more effort to create cinematic, high quality games with name actors when games are capable of making that much money.
  • What did Destiny cost to produce?
  • I played destiny beta and alpha on the ps4, but still havn't gotten aroundto picking the full game up yet. I do intend on getting it though, and when I do it will (obviously) be for PS4. This number doesn't surpise me though, this has been THE next gen game everyone has been talking about. The only one that's held a candle to the hype Destiny has been bringing in would have been Titanfall.
  • It's not that it isn't a good game. It's just not as good as they were hyping it up to be. 6/10 for the limited gameplay.
  • Wish they would release a PC version.
  • That would be great, I may consider saving for a better PC just for it, best part is not having to pay the gold bullshitwall to play online :D!
  • I built a PC last fall and skipping this generation of consoles. I have no regrets at all and I like that I can use my black 360 wireless controller with my PC.
  • After Halo 6 and the last Fable is made I'm dropping consoles too, till then not much choice but to bear with the insanity.
  • I hear ya. I never got into halo and I have all fable 3 on 360 that I haven't played yet lol. PC and steam taking all my time haha. Are you planning on buying or building a PC when the time comes?
    Nuff said xD
  • Hope you get a good deal. When I looked it was cheaper to build with better specs at the time. Which one you looking at?
  • I wonder how much of that $325 million would shrink down to if they allowed refunds.
  • 100 million, why? Membership Elitists.
  • A lot of people were disappointed in the game and, I'm guessing that if they were allowed to return the game and get their money back, quite a few people would.
  • Interestingly enough, GameStop is discreetly advertising on the Web site an offer of $40 on Destiny trade-in if done before October 9th. My son is waiting to see if they fix the network* (or server) errors before deciding about trade-in. *If you play  you know what the following means: beaver, flatworm, et al.
  • Makes sense, not too many people are happy with it.
  • I just want to get to level 20. Then I'm good
  • no wonder they wouldn't allow early reviews this game was just a hit and run
  • Cash and Vanish
  • I'm really enjoying this game. I've max prestiged that past 2 COD's, and needed a change up, so to me this game is awesome. Thinking about passing up on the upcoming cod Advanced Warfare. Current lvl 22
  • I'm order for this game to be fun I have to have friend online with me at the same time and often this is not the case. Alone Destiny is NOT good. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I completely understand and agree with most of the negative comments about Destiny. BUT I LOVE IT!  It's fun to play and is closer to my style of gaming than any other recent game out there (I am a Borderlands/Halo fan).
  • Good for them
  • It is a good game, but very undeserving of the expectations... Basically if bungie call themselves magicians, then i expect magic. A good game is just not enough.
  • Wish I had the time to play video games as I did in my early 20's. Sitting down for hours staring at screen simply lost its porn too.
  • People do t really understand the revolutionary mechanics that Destiny is bringing to the table here. No other game had such seamless pve matchmaking. This a huge point that people are really taking for granted. The main innovation of Destiny are not the shooter mechanics, but the social mechanics.
  • The social mechanics? Phantasy Star Online, the first online console RPG in the history of the world, had better social mechanics when it launched back in 2000 on Dreamcast than Destiny does now. You can't even chat with strangers in the lobby! Can't meet new people that way, which is ridiculous in a game that isn't half as much fun playing solo.
  • The game has no social mechanics .. The last one " ingane voice chat was taking in the month between beta and release.. And the pvo is so unbalanced.. That is not the product of a 4 years development with a 300 man big team . Sorry Bungie can do much better The best description for destiny is : The game where you feel alone
  • ... Sad it was so hyped
    The Game is a Shame for its 4 years of development and as a borderlands clone just weak .. To short . To fast leveling . No loot . No motivation . And a bad pvp .. With too big maps. No voice chat . No balance and overpowers hunters .. Just no fun anymore
    Actually as low level char you have much more fun then as a LV 20+ when there would be at least normal or rar LV 20 weapons . But noooo .. Gosh I hat getting no loot and stuff when I bet a mission on difficulty LV 20
  • I want my money back I myself don't think this was worth it that's JUST me tho
  • I really expected better from Bungie. If the darkness was so all destructive, and all these aliens are trying to destroy humanity, where is the human army trying to defend humanity? In Halo there were loads of marines fighting side by side with you, constantly coming across battles going on. For a story 4 years in the making the amount of actual story can fit into a half hour episode of a TV program. Like an episode of outer limits or something.
  • Soooo true, story in Halo is what's kept me coming for each and every game since 02
  • Destiny is fucking great just the right mix of action shooter and PC mmo elements. I can't wait till I can get to the point where I can start raiding.
  • For these people complaining about XBL gold, u do realize bing rewards can let you get it for free. I have never payed for a single month of XBL gold, and i get a card every single months by searching on computer and phone. 26 credits a day, 26(10 mobile credits, 15 pc, and at least 1 freebie point)x30(Average days in a month)=780; 1 month of gold costs 699 credits and 679 credits with gold status. That allows for you to miss 3 days of searching to get gold status each month. Do this and you can enjoy Destiny to its full potential.
  • I have been really enjoying destiny on the one. However there is a lot of issues with it and I just really hope that bungee just release expansions for this game and don't jump to a number two installment a year from now. It's the sort of game that if it gets the focus it deserves it can build on what's already great.
    It actually reminds me of assassins creed, which after playing through a few in the series the first game really feels like a glorified tech demo of the style used. Destiny feels the same, like it's a trial and the issues will be ironed out in subsequent releases/updates.
    Activision is going to milk the shit out of it though, so I guess good luck for me getting my wish.
  • Destiny should have been called Halo: Rehashed
  • Lol ^ this
  • Maybe I'm cheap now, but I can't buy full game titles like. 60$ for a game that I probably wont put that much time into.
  • It looks amazing, but the gameplay feels disappointing, repetitive and lazy. PVP an unbalanced mess. I don't see myself playing beyond reaching the initial level cap. A shame because the game has potential.
  • I still love the game , it wasn't as good we all thought it was gonna be. But Its a pretty solid game!
  • Still love to play unreal tournament 3 ......, knock'm down....
  • I really don't get a lot of the hate here.  Sure the story is lacking and it can get a repetitive with some of the missions.  My guess is with expansions they will improve that.  But the game runs really smooth.  Has great controls like Halo did.  Strike missions and raids are some of the most intense stuff.  For that alone that game is worth it if they continue to build upon it and release update.  By far along with Titanfall this is one of the best games released thus far on the new consoles.  
  • It's a great game but....when Bungie release an official companion app for WP? On Ios and Android it's available since the first day!