Developers to get Mango prior to release

Joe Belfiore, Vice President of the Windows Phone Program Management, has tweeted today that Microsoft is looking into releasing Mango early to the developers before end users receive the update later this fall. This would make sense with giving developers an opportunity to update their applications to take advantage of the new 1500 APIs, as well as giving them an early preview on what's to offer and how they can further improve the user experience their end.

However, nothing has been finalized as of yet, but Brandon Watson did mention (opens in new tab) back at MIX that developers would possibly get the chance to receive Mango before it gets rolled out. Here's hoping.

Source: Joe Belfiore (opens in new tab), via: WPSauce

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I so hope so!
  • So how many developer licenses do you think Microsoft is going to sell this summer. Might as well just make it a Marketplace app. $99 gets you a pre-release of Mango.
  • Yeah, they'll essentially be selling Mango to end users at that point. I'll certainly be in. I really hope they don't do something stupid like require at least one app in the marketplace in order to download it. If not, they'll get a nice nice boost in the number of developers. What's funny is that this system allows them to monetize the enthusiast community. Not by much, but definitely more than with Windows Mobile.
  • No big deal if that's the case. I have already seen apps called Orange and Purple that simply display one solid color panel. No buttons, no anything. Even I could figure out how to do that. Might even stretch my luck and try to make it ad supported. Wonder if anyone has made a Green yet.
  • @WPCentralThis is about the Mango update on the developers phone. If i am right, today the SDK Mango should be released, so you can already make apps that makes use of the new api's.
  • As one who has developed for WP7 over the past few months without a device (needed to be Verizon), I am thrilled that I won't have to wait yet again for a release (Mango) before I can truly test new features.
  • If they want any Mango apps, wouldn't it be a good idea to let developers build them first?
  • You can, but you have to rely on an emulator.