AIDA64 for Windows 10

Back in June we reported that FinalWire's popular AIDA64 diagnostic app ( was available on Windows Phone. Just a few months later and October 31 it is now Universal Windows Platform app (yeah, we're a few days behind on that launch).

AIDA64 runs on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 PC devices giving users a bird's eye view of their system's hardware. The app breaks down your device by System, CPU, Display, Network, Battery, Sensors and more. You can also hit the mail icon to create a full report on your system, which you can then send via email.

AIDA64 for Windows 10

AIDA64 for Windows 10 is free although the PC app will try to upsell you to AIDA64 Extreme, which has more features. It does this through a little popup window at the bottom of the app, but you can dismiss it forever making it completely harmless.

It's great to see AIDA64 come over as a universal app, and it is especially fun on Mobile (try the Sensors section).

Thanks, Igor J., for the tip!

QR: aida64

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