The study and application of artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing sectors of the tech world, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Breaking into this world isn't always easy — the education required can be costly, and many people simply do not have the time necessary for the associated courses.

Jumping into artificial intelligence anywhere other than at the ground floor just won't do. You need a course that begins with the basics and moves through to the practical application of advanced learning. Imagine being able to fit an education in around your existing schedule, and imagine not paying an arm and a leg.

Windows Central Digital Offers has the answer you're looking for. Right now, we're offering a complete Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence introductory bundle for only $39 — that's a 91% discount off the regular price of $480.

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This course is broken up into four parts with over 110 lessons:

  • Deep Learning Prerequisites: Linear Regression in Python
  • Deep Learning Prerequisites: Logistic Regression in Python
  • Data Science: Deep learning in Python
  • Data Science: Practical Deep Learning in Theano and TensorFlow

Learn first the basics of deep learning, then move on to building your own neural network that has the ability to learn. Finally, you'll be taught how to understand and visualize the process your neural network goes through when it is learning. The best part? This course, once purchased, is available to you for the rest of your life.

If artificial intelligence has always interested you, why not get started now for only $39? Even if you don't have time this year, access remains open forever. The world of artificial intelligence isn't slowing down anytime soon, so take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

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