Database management is a big deal. Companies today are constantly taking in customer information, even when they're just buying soap. With data management under such scrutiny nowadays, expert-level database management is a hot commodity and learning to build and manage databases is a much-sought-after skill that could net you mucho dinero.

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But going back to college or university to learn all there is to know about database management is time-consuming and expensive. Plus, you might already have a full-time job, so when are you supposed to attend class, do assignments, and even worse, take electives? You need to learn database creation and management from the ground up and you need the ability to do that on your own time, at your own pace, and in your own way.

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You'll learn the basics of database administration right up to the advanced techniques, tools, and coding languages so that you can secure yourself a place in the upper echelon of database management. You'll start off with NoSQL — from the fundamentals to creating web applications — and you'll learn MySQL, which is the most popular open source SQL database management system. You'll also learn other programs and tools to help you achieve your goal of database mastery.

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