Big data is all the rage right now. Facebook uses it to sell advertising; Google uses it to provide analytics tools and also… sell advertising. It's the fulcrum on which many business' teeter because it can provide so much information in relation to human behavior. You can look at trends on a humongous scale, and you can build quite a career compiling and analyzing data for companies.

But you can't just sit down and look at everything on your own. It'd take you millennia to go through all the data that big companies compile on a daily basis. You need cutting-edge technologies that help reduce big data to crunchable, workable numbers. Using Hadoop and MapReduce, you can get in on the big data fun! But how do you use them?


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Through eight courses, you'll learn all you need to know to get a meaningful career started in big data management, using Hadoop and MapReduce. The courses are:

  • Taming Big Data with MapReduce & Hadoop
  • Projects in Hadoop and Big Data: Learn by Building Apps
  • Learn Hadoop, MapReduce and Big Data from Scratch
  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • Advanced MapReduce in Hadoop
  • Database Operations via Hadoop and MapReduce
  • Recommendation Systems Via Hadoop And MapReduce
  • K-Means Clustering via Hadoop And MapReduce

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