Looking for a career change in 2017 and want to get started with mastering development opportunities? There are so many different coding languages, things to learn and ways to learn it that it can quickly become overwhelming. Beyond all that, it simply gets expensive, and not everyone has hundreds or thousands of dollars laying around to drop into learning.

Luckily, thanks to great bundles like the ultimate DevOps mastery one you can get access to nearly 70 hours of presentations on different topics for a fraction of its regular cost. That's right, from learning Redis from scratch to better understanding the fundamentals of Linux and Unix Admin, there is a ton of great information here.

The courses that are included are:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Guide - $49 Value
  • Learn Redis from Scratch - $49 Value
  • Become An AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Associate - $49 Value
  • Fundamentals of Unix & Linux System Administration - $69 Value
  • Projects in Hadoop and Big Data: Learn by Building Apps - $69 Value
  • Get CISSP Certified in Quick and Easy Steps - $49 Value
  • Algorithms and Software Engineering for Professionals - $49 Value
  • Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide - $69 Value
  • Introduction to Kubernetes Using Docker - $100 Value

Save over $500 on this great mastery bundle

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All of these courses would run you more than $550 if you were to purchase them individually. Right now you can bundle all of them together for the low price of just $43 which is less than any single course here costs.

This pricing won't last long, so be sure to grab this bundle now so your future self can thank you!