Digitally Imported gets rare bug fixing update for Windows Phone

Although apps like LivingSocial are disappearing from Windows Phone one of our favorite music services – Digitally Imported – is getting a rare updated. Digitally Imported or just DI.FM for short, arrived for Windows Phone back in October, 2013. Since then it has had only one update.

Today, version 1.0.2 has landed for Windows Phone and with comes some bug fixes for connection issues.

Digitally Imported for Windows Phone

Although this is hardly a momentous update, we are highlighting it to show that Windows Phone – and small media companies – still support the platform. It is great to see DI.FM release an update instead of letting their app rank up negative reviews, only to be forgotten by users.

If you have never tried DI.FM, it is a streaming service for EDM (Electronic Dance Music). In fact, it is the largest streaming service dedicated to that genre. With nearly 90 different stations and sub-genres of EDM, Digitally Imported is a must-have app. The service is free, although users can opt for a premium version of the service that streams in 320 kbps with no ads. The service is also accessible on the web at

Now if they could just release a Modern Windows app...

Download Digitally Imported for Windows Phone 8 (Free)

Thanks, LTTG, for the tip!

QR: difm

Daniel Rubino

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  • DI.FM rulez!
  • You can say that again.
  • Nice :D
  • Cool at least some still support wp
  • Getting a rare update
  • NICE!
  • Would love a DI app for the x1.
  • ^this
  • Downloaded the app for their support.
  • Digitally Imported is probably the best service around. Amazingly stable for even the free product.
  • New in this update: Preparing for next version to be pulled from store.    
  • hahahahahh #DEAD
  • Even Jazzradio saw a rare bug fixing update. Thank you for the support
  • It's time to download and rate this app 5* ...and encourage people behind this service.
  • Better rare than nothing
  • Nice.  Thanks devs.
  • I forgot about this app after I started to listen to music via Xbox music. I will start using DI again as well.
  • I wish this would get pointed out in these articles but the apps for Digitally Imported, RadioTunes, and all got updated today because they are all run by the same company.  In fact they are all basically the same app simply tied into different backend services to the extent that they show the same version number (v across all of them and some of the same channels are found across multiple apps. Another important thing to note is that if you buy the premium subscription for any of these services it carries across to the others as well at no additional cost.  I subscribe because of DI.FM but it's great to get somwehere around *130+ additional channels of music for various genres other than EDM through the other services/apps.  (* estimate as there is overlap of some channels)
  • We have close to 300 channels across our networks! Thanks for your support.
  • Dark Psytrance? Oh-h, nice
  • Lol Daniel! This is my rare updated version.
    He is so frustrated right now like us. Because if any app is leaving wp platform he has to write it.
    He is everyday or two, what in the name of mother merry is going on? Why are they leaving.
    Damn frustrating job i guess.