Dishonored: Definitive Edition shown off in gorgeous screenshots, pre-orders and pre-downloads now live

Dishonored: Definitive Edition looks like it's shaping up nicely if these latest screenshots are anything to go off.

Dishonored is a critically acclaimed first-person stealth game previously released for PS3, PC and Xbox 360. The Definitive Edition comprises the base game, all the DLC and a graphical refresh, showcased in the images below.

Beyond the graphical bump, Dishonored: Definitive Edition also includes the DLC's Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of Dunwall and the Brigmore Witches.

Additionally, Major Nelson announced that the game is now available to pre-order and pre-download on Xbox One for $39.99 / £29.99 / €39,99. You can pre-order the game from the Xbox Store here (opens in new tab), or via the store on your console by searching for "Dishonored".

Dishonored puts you behind the eyes of Corvo, an assassin on a quest to clear his name for a crime he did not commit. Dishonored takes place in Dunwall, a dilapidated industrial city mired with disease and corruption, all at the hands of an oppressive dictatorship. Unlike typical stealth games, Corvo has access to a wide array of super-natural abilities which are reminiscent of Bioshock's plasmid spells. You can teleport short distances to vantage points, possess small creatures to access smaller areas and send enemies flying with waves of telekinetic force.

Dishonored: Definitive Edition launches on PS4 and Xbox One on August 28th.

Source: VG247

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  • Good game, but I'd rather just have the original BC. Publishers are scrambling to sell us what we already bought. :(
  • Clearly. I am just waiting for a sequel. This game was really amazing.
  • Please, people, don't buy this. I got all of this on Steam during the 2013 Holiday Sale for, like, $13.75. Don't give these guys $40 because they're too greedy to go the BC route and too slow to put out a new game.
  • A new game is on the way.
  • Yeah, I know. That makes this not one bit less ridiculous. Bayonetta 2 released for $60 and came with the first game for free. They could have done that with this, or done a remaster bundled with the second game for $80 or something. $40 for a re-release is a joke.
  • While I understand its the same game they at least spent the time to remaster the graphics and give you all the DLC for it. That's enough to justify the purchase as far as I'm concerned. With BC it wouldn't be any different graphically then the 360.
  • Graphics aren't everything. And, agian, I got this game AND all of the DLC for under $15 almost 2 years ago on Steam. Are the visuals really worth $25? Hell no.
  • Agree, people need to stop encouraging companies to do this.  It's ridiculous.  It was okay at first, but this far into the next gen, it seems a bit odd that there are so many damn remasters being released.  Has me wanting to sell my console becuase there aren't really all that many great next gen games coming out.  Mind as well buy a PS3 or XB360 for dirt cheap and play them in 720p, IMO.  It's not like the gameplay is all that different, and that's the most important thing in the game, anyways (I am not obsessed with 1080p/60FPS like some people are).
  • I think that's taking the issue to the oher extreme. There are plenty of games out on the new consoles, and not everything on both generations is equal. For example, Shadow of Mordor was a steaming pile of garbage on PS3/360 because the Nemesis A.I. had to be gutted for those consoles. There are also several really nice gs not on the previous generation, like Dying Light, Halo 5, The Witcher 3, Forza Motorsport 6, Rare Replay (some games are on the 360), and Sunset Overdrive. Shoot, I'm still on a 720p TV myself, so I'm not big on the graphics myself. Still, they're not nothing, but they're not worth paying ANOTHER $40 to buy a game a second time.
  • They would have started this long before BC was announced so I can't see the "too greedy" argument.
  • You say that like there's a certainty that no developers knew BC was coming.
  • If they did go the BC route then that would mean the ps4 would be the one getting the graphical revamp and all the dlc, leaving xbox owners with an old version of a game that ps4 owners now have with better everything...that would kinda suck on our end
  • And it wouldn't cost Xbox One owners $40 to play the game. I'd take that side of the coin.
  • If this was call of duty or battlefield I would agree more. Dishonored on the other hand had so much replay value I'd be willing to give it another go. $40 is steep for someone who played the 360 version I will concede. I wouldn't say its an unfair price for someone who never played it before. It would be nice if there was a cheaper option for those who already owned it though.
  • See, I disagree completely. I'm not big on replaying campaigns. Call of Duty games, they have infinite replayability if you like the multiplayer. Dishonored, I've been working on beating it just once for more than 18 months now, and I'm still maybe halfway through. I'd take a CoD port over Dishonored because the CoD games on the One (Ghosts and Advanced Warfare) are terrible, and Black Ops 3 doesn't look good, either. I'd actually enjoy a remaster of the first two Black Ops games, CoD 2, or CoD 4 (3, WaW, MW2, and MW3 can die in a fire). And it's less about the re-release and more about the price. $40 for a campaign, and not even a long one. Like I said, I got this and all of its DLC for under $15 on Steam. It was a GWG title on the 360. Charging $40 for a visuals boost is horrendous.
  • I see your point with price but we have vastly different ideas on replayability it seems, and that's not a bad thing, I just prefer a good campaign with tons of choices and different methods of playing over a great multiplayer game like COD. I find Cod's campaign boring and overly scripted and the multiplayer is really only enjoyable for about a month to me. As far as dishonored goes the campaign is sufficiently long in my opinion especially with the DLCs. The storyline and strategy can be different each time you play it (high chaos vs low chaos) (kill or no kill) (one route vs another). That all said like you I'd really like to see Activision bring COD back to its roots and perhaps even revamp some of its best maps all in one package.
  • What about me? I'm an Xbox one owner that has never experienced this critically acclaimed game. This is my only option. I'm not going to buy a console or computer I don't want because you don't like remasters. I for one am very thankful for this opportunity  and will most certainly buy it. Not to mention, my purchase of this game will go towards funding this talented teams work on dishonored 2. Plus, this game is ONLY $20 if you have an original physical or digital copy.   
  • I think im more excited reading about the movie pixel than seeing this game released.  and that is not good :o
  • Am I the only one feeling like I got scammed when I bought a next gen console, given the amount of "remasters" and "definitive edition" games that are coming out, and how lackluster the next gen titles have generally been? It's almost like the business model has shifted towards reselling old stuff just because some people are obsessed with 60FPS 1080p visuals... ...
  • I'm sure you're not. However, Dying Light is one of the best games I've ever played. Shadow of Mordor is also really, really good (though with a couple of flaws). Sunset Overdrive is a blast. Even with all of the laziness from most developers this generation, I've had more fun with my Xbox One in the past year-plus than I probably had in the last 3-5 with my Xbox 360, just because new IP was so rare or bad.
  • I'll be getting this game! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is the graphical refresh going to be available on PC?
  • Is it better than the PC version? It doesn't look that different from the screenshots, but I don't remember it that clearly. The PC version already had 1080, 60 fps, and better textures.
  • I think its an amazing game gameplay wise, although the graphics are garbage on the 360, hope they upscale the graphics properly in this release.
  • It's showing $20 for me in the Xbox store!!! I have the game on digital for 360
  • I got this for free on the 360 with games with gold, but never got to play it. Grabbed it from the U.S. store (cheaper than AU) to give it a play through seeing as I never did before. If I had played it before I would skip it on X1.