Disney releasing mobile game based on 'Big Hero 6' on November 3rd

Disney is planning to release a mobile game on November 3rd based on its upcoming animated film, Big Hero 6. Titled Big Hero 6: Bot Fight, the game looks to be a "match 3" style puzzle game that allows players to do battle with enemies by matching similarly colored blocks together.

As Polygon reports, players will have access to hundreds of different bots from the Big Hero 6 universe, and will be able to upgrade their teams by evolving the bots over the course of the game.

Based on an obscure Marvel comic book, Big Hero 6 takes place in the fictional city of San Fransokyo where a team of crime-fighters, led by Hiro Hamada and his robot Baymax, come together to stop a nefarious criminal plot.

The game will be available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Are you excited for this upcoming film and game from Disney? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Polygon

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Sounds good if it's for windows phone too:)
  • It says it will be in the bottom of the article. :)
  • Did I ask you??? ;)
  • You probably should ask him, he read the article and you obviously didn't.
  • I made on observation guys, you should be more careful when commenting, your brain should be switched to on!
  • Observation is different from making a statement without observation. 
  • Most arrogant comment on WPC. More arrogant than seems faster
  • What?! The guy made a statement he didn't ask a question, learn to read.
  • Thank you mark. As it seems, not only kids are here reading the news..
  • Don't take it personal. People are quick to negativity on the internet. It's obvious what you meant and yes, if it's for Windows phone it sounds good to me too!
  • :)
  • Im gonna go see this movie
  • 'iPhone 6' :P
  • I don't like mobile games by Disney, there are too copies of Where is my water, and the rest isn't optimized, lags and crashes are too common.
    So I think this wouldn't be so good :/
  • There not the only ones gameloft for example should've licensed the gbc/gba version of earthworm jim for mobile platforms for example
  • I LOVE the trailers. Cannot wait to see this movie. Excited for the game, too. :D
  • Ready to see that movie.
  • I wish it should be free.
  • That's right...no one should make any money...all apps and games should be free...
  • Wunderlist got an update
  • I went to drink a coffee this morning
  • Disney gives us windows users lots of love. Thanks!
  • Cool
  • I've never heard of this marvel comic series but the game sounds as if it could be good. And as above Disney always seem be fair on windows phone so thanks Disney its appreciated.
  • I'm still playing frozen free fall
  • Lol, looks like Tower of Savior :v
  • What about walking dead season 2 for windows phone.
  • Though it's a match game, it got a cool concept and graphics :)
  • 'A match 3 video game based on Disney's upcoming animated film, Big Hero 6, is launching for Android, iOS and Windows 8 mobile devices Nov. 3' This is quoted directly from the source link and nowhere does it specify that this game is coming to Windows Phone. Unless Polygon are using 'Windows' in a collective sense, I remain a little skeptical about this announcement. Can someone clarify exactly what Polygon means by 'Windows 8 mobile devices'?
  • I'm still loving frozen. Level 230 I think.My friend had reached the last level 285 before update.Sadly he lost his progress after formatting.Disbey should add cloud saves.
  • Good to see developers think about Windows phone as well. Marked in calendar.
  • Are they actually serious about ruining such a (potentially) big new brand with a "match 3"-game?!
    There has certainly been more potential than that...