Disney Solitaire comes to the Windows Store, includes OneDrive syncing

If you had a childhood similar to ours you probably played a lot of solitaire on the nearest computer. Now you can get your kids into the game, but with a little bit of Disney flair. Head to the Windows Store and you’ll find a new game called Disney Solitaire that combines your favorite Disney characters and the very popular card game. Let’s check it out.

Let’s get this out of the way: Our favorite part of Disney Solitaire is that it syncs across all your Windows 8.1 devices using OneDrive. Every game needs to do something like that, kudos to Disney on the syncing powers.

Here’s what you can look forward to with Disney Solitaire on Windows 8:

  • 120 levels of exciting solitaire challenges!
  • Two modes of play—Try “Adventure Mode” to test your skill on challenge-based tri-peaks solitaire levels or switch to “Free Play Mode” to try a variety of solitaire game styles in classic Disney enviro
  • Hear classic music and see clips from each movie while you play!
  • Beautiful level maps take you through the stories of Peter Pan and The Lion King with original artwork based on each film!
  • Unlock unique animated power ups featuring your favorite characters like Nala, The Lost Boys and more!
  • Use in-game boosts to move past obstacles and tricky Adventure Mode levels!
  • Adventure Mode challenges include timed levels, card limit levels, and more!
  • Save game progress to OneDrive and to continue your adventure across your Windows 8.1 devices!

Disney Solitaire

We’ve got to give it Disney. The past year we’ve seen a lot of Disney games come to both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Now Disney fanatics can enjoy solitaire on Windows 8.1. The game looks pretty sweet and we’re sure a ton of you will like it.

Now for the not so fun part. Disney Solitaire is $4.99, which isn’t too bad, but you don’t have a free trial to see if game is for you. Anyone picking it up?

Update: We should also mention that this game is coming to Windows Phone "soon" as well

You can download Disney Solitaire from the Windows Store for $4.99. The game clocks in at 399 MB. 

Sam Sabri