Zane Lowe Tour

Shake your booty with Zane Lowe and Nokia

Zane Lowe has announced an array of dates for his UK university tour, which kicks off in Lincoln tomorrow. The established DJ, who also currently hosts the BBC Radio 1 Evening Show, has partnered with Nokia to "connect" the tour. This is an opportunity for Nokia to work on promotion while we wait until recently announced hardware is available to consumers. 

The manufacturer has made it a strategic focus to tackle the issue with younger consumers turning away from Nokia. To aid this effort, the company has released (and continues to do so) Windows Phones with multiple themes available for more choice.

Lowe notes how he's been a fan of the Finnish company's products and services for some time,

"I've always been a big fan of Nokia, so to partner with them is really exciting for me. They make it easy for people to access so much new music with Nokia Music app, the playlists, and gig finder, and it's these things that make it great to have them connected to this tour."

He was indeed referring to Nokia Music for Windows Phone. The full list of dates for his UK tour are as follows:

  • September 17 - University of Lincoln
  • September 18 - Leeds University
  • September 22 - Liverpool University
  • September 24 - Keele University
  • September 26 - Norwich UEA
  • September 27 - University of Bath
  • September 28 - University of Oxford
  • September 29 - University of Manchester
  • September 30 - University of Birmingham
  • September 30 - University of Nottingham
  • October 4 - University of Warwick
  • October 11 - University of Essex
  • October 12 - Bournemouth University
  • October 14 - University of Leicester
  • October 18 - University of Sheffield
  • October 19 - Brunel University

Check out coverage from Lowe's previous tour with Skrillex:

Nokia has done well to connect with the younger generation through live music events and sponsorship. By the time Apollo launches and we see Lumia hardware at retain stores, there'll hopefully be at least a level of interest from the youth of today in a new smartphone that helps them remain connected, not just socially, but to their favourite music too. The unlimited Zune Pass is an enticing offer.

via: DigitalSpy