Best answer: Xbox media remotes can and will improve your Xbox One media experience 10-fold. A standard game controller will work okay, but media remotes blow it out of the water.

Amazon: PDP Talon Xbox One Media Remote ($20)

Why Xbox media remotes are worth it

While your standard Xbox One controller can navigate the console's menus and apps decently, a good media remote can do the job much more smoothly, while also being significantly more comfortable to use one-handed. You'll never need to worry about glitchy input recognition like you do with a controller, and not having to use one to access media apps means you're ensuring that your controller use time is for what it's best at — gaming.

What makes the PDP Talon media remote great?

The best thing about the Talon media remote is that it perfectly balances size with functionality. The Talon is fairly lengthy, but space is filled with buttons that perform useful functions, such as channel changing, volume control, muting, and more. These buttons are spaced out well, meaning that the surface doesn't look or feel cluttered and you won't be accidentally pressing buttons you don't want to.

The remote is also durable, but maintains a comfortable weight of 110 grams, spread evenly. This makes it great for one-handed use, and no matter where you hold the Talon, it will feel balanced in your hand.

Another excellent feature on the Talon is the motion-activated button lighting. If you like to view your entertainment in blissful darkness, then the soft angelic glow of the remote's controls will allow you to manipulate what's on-screen at will without needing to reach for your smartphone's flashlight. Since they're motion-activated, you won't have to worry about them hampering your viewing experience while the device is at rest, either.

Lastly, the Talon works directly out of the box, no setup required. This means that unlike several other media remotes, you don't have to worry about finding batteries to use.

It won't break the bank

Priced at $20, the amount of bang you get for your buck with the Talon media remote is fantastic. You get a piece of hardware that's as tough and comfortable to use as some of the more expensive competition, as well as obtaining market-leading functionality and quality.

Our pick

PDP Talon Xbox One Media Remote

Absolute perfection

Between the excellent quality of the build, a large amount of media browsing utility, and how comfortable it is to operate, the PDP Talon Xbox One Media Remote is perfect for any Xbox user that loves apps, movies, and television.

If you're looking for a premium option that can control every media device in your home, including your Xbox One, then you should take a look at the Logitech Harmony Elite. Though it is very pricey, it's the best universal remote on the market, and we've seen it on sale for $100 off.

Luxury option

Logitech Harmony Elite

Unrivaled champion

Capable of commanding nearly every piece of tech in your household efficiently and quickly, the Logitech Harmony Elite remote is expensive but worth every penny.

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