Does the Surface Pro X come with the new Surface Slim Pen?

Surface Pro X back
Surface Pro X back (Image credit: Windows Central)

Does the Surface Pro X come with the new Surface Slim Pen?

Best answer: No, Microsoft does not bundle the new Surface Slim Pen with any Surface device, requiring you to purchase it separately.Newest stylus: Surface Slim Pen ($150 at Microsoft)ARM Windows tablet: Surface Pro X (From $999 at Amazon)

Should you buy the Surface Slim Pen?

There was bound to be a new Pen to go alongside all the new Surface hardware being released by Microsoft, and the Surface Slim Pen is precisely that, offering a redesigned stylus with wireless charging (Surface Pro X only, for now), and more. The new flat side helps it fit into a cradle charger if you'd rather charge it that way.

If you enjoy drawing on your tablets and plan to take advantage of what a stylus brings to the table in terms of functionality, the price may be worth it. You could always buy the Surface Pro X without one to start with and see how you go.

Meet the new ARM Surface

The new Surface Pro X represents a significant overhaul for Microsoft's more portable tablet. The Surface Pro X is incredibly thin and light, making it the ideal 2-in-1 to take along with you, especially with the ARM processor, which unlocks the power of LTE connectivity. It also runs Windows 10 — the full version of Windows.

The previous ARM-on-Surface attempt saw Microsoft roll out an OS version that came with a few limitations. Namely, you could only run and install software downloaded from the Microsoft Store. No apps or games that aren't available through it were allowed. That's quite the drawback, but, thankfully, it is one that Microsoft addresses with the Surface Pro X.

This tablet is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx platform, which is the first from the company to be designed specifically for PC. Not only do you get LTE wireless and the full Windows experience, but also impressive battery life (up to 22 hours) and some serious specs.

You can enjoy a 13-inch Pixelsense display at a 2880x1920 resolution (267 PPI). Microsoft has kept the same 3:2 aspect ratio here, as well. RAM options come in at 8GB or 16GB of LPDDR4x RAM, and you can configure storage from 128GB up to 512GB.

There's LTE on board here, so you'll be able to stay connected on the go. There are also two USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 ports (no USB-A here), a Surface Connect port for charging, a 5MP front-facing camera (1080p), and 11MP rear camera (1080p). The whole package weighs in at just over 1.5 pounds.

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