Does Xbox One support VR?

Does Xbox One support VR?

Best answer: Nope! Sadly, Microsoft isn't prioritizing VR on home consoles yet, focusing its (limited) efforts on PC instead. For home console VR, your best bet right now is PlayStation 4.VR in your living room: PlayStation 4 VR bundle ($298 at Amazon)Entry-level VR for your PC: HP Mixed Reality Headset ($250 at Amazon)

Xbox One doesn't support VR, but why?

Sadly, the Xbox One console platform across both the S and X do not support any form of VR. It stands as slightly odd, given how Microsoft has an entire division dedicated to creating Mixed Reality experiences, but the focus there is more oriented towards businesses and enterprise. For gaming, Microsoft has spoken a few times to suggest that they don't think it's a good experience for living room use and that the technology needs to improve further before they begin to adopt it.

Partner Director of Program Management Jason Ronald expressed to us in an interview at E3 2019 that Microsoft still thinks PC is the best place for VR to grow and improve. Ultimately the stance represents Microsoft's general philosophy of meeting customers where they are today, which is why they're putting so many resources into Xbox-to-mobile game streaming service Project xCloud. Xbox head Phil Spencer has expressed in previous interviews that he'd like to see the technology go fully wireless before trying to bring it into the living room.

The Xbox One might not support VR, but it's relatively affordable to get decent-quality VR in your living room through Sony's PlayStation VR platform, which is among the most popular solutions out there. Microsoft's own Windows Mixed Reality platform is compatible with SteamVR, offering hundreds of games, with inside-out tracking that doesn't require external sensors or cameras. Of course, you need a pretty beefy computer to power it though, with minimum specs for most decent games requiring a dedicated GPU.

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