Does Xbox One X come with a vertical stand?

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Does Xbox One X come with a vertical stand?

What are the advantages of a vertical stand?

The biggest reason why a vertical stand is advantageous to anyone that owns an Xbox One X is for the added stability it gives to the base of the console.

Though the Xbox One X can stand on itself vertically without added support, it's entirely possible that you or someone else in your household might accidentally knock it over. Depending on what your setup looks like, a fall could seriously damage your Xbox One X, and since it costs $500, that's not exactly cheap to replace or repair. In addition, the stand looks nice, which is a great benefit if you like to display your gaming setup fashionably.

Why might you want to buy the stand separately?

It's not entirely necessary to buy the stand separately, but there are some reasons why it might be worth it to you. For one, if you already own an Xbox One X, there's really no point in upgrading to the Project Scorpio edition since every benefit is cosmetic. While it does come with a stand, it's also currently selling for $678, which is nearly $200 more than the standard Xbox One X price. The standalone vertical stand, meanwhile, is just $15 ($10 at the time of writing, due to a sale).

If you don't already own an Xbox One X, then it depends on whether or not you think the cosmetic appearance of the Project Scorpio edition is worth the extra money. If you have the money to spend and want to have a limited edition variant of the Xbox One X with your stand, then the premium Project Scorpio edition may be worth it for you. If you only care about functionality, though, your best bet is to stick with the standard Xbox One X and then purchase the stand by itself.

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