Does your kid need a standing desk for schoolwork?

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Standing desks are more popular than ever before and while not for everyone, there's certainly some benefit to getting one. Likewise, it shouldn't be simply assumed that a standing desk would be better than a regular desk for your kid. With the new school year on the way it's a good time to buy a new desk and whether you're looking for something more affordable or not you may be considering a standing desk.

We'll examine the pros and cons and help you to decide whether or not it's the right choice for your kid to do their schoolwork from.

Why get a standing desk at all?

Standing desks have become popular, particularly among those looking to keep themselves more active and in overall better shape. It's easy to see why sitting down for long periods can be a bad thing, particularly if you're not ensuring you keep proper posture.

Indeed, as per Men's Health, standing up, even just occasionally, could certainly be an improved scenario for the back compared to sitting down.

"In terms of back pain, we know that that sitting too long is definitely bad for your back. As you move from standing to sitting, the pressure in your disks increases. So when you sit too long (and particularly when you stay in the same position all day) your disks will tend to bulge out more. This is because you lose some of the hydration in the disk when you remain in a fixed position. For spine health, you definitely don't want to sit all day."

Standing is definitely better in the long term for the back compared to sitting, but it's far from the whole truth.

Don't assume it's automatically better

By now you're probably thinking that a standing desk sounds like a great investment. However, while that might be true, it's not automatically better for health just because you're standing up. It's inactivity all-round which is the worst of both worlds.

From the same Men's Health article:

"I think if you just stood all day in the same position, it's probably a bit better on your back. But in terms of those other health profiles that are associated with inactivity, it's not necessarily that much better. It's probably about the same. You shouldn't be doing anything inactive for six to eight hours a day — whether that's sitting at a computer or standing at a computer. Our bodies are meant to move."

The key is activity.

Standing desks could promote better activity

This is where a standing desk certainly could be a benefit. It's easier to indulge in a little physical activity when standing than when sitting, so it certainly could be part of promoting a healthier overall lifestyle.

Walking around every so often, even just around the room or going to get a drink is all better than sitting for hour after hour. Sitting down might well be super comfortable, but it's much easier to forget to actually move about.

Consider a mix

If you think a standing desk might be of benefit to your child, the decision is yours. A good in-between however might be a sit-stand desk. These are adjustable in height so you can have both a sitting experience and a standing experience, and they're even better for kids who, as we all know, will be growing quickly.

There's no real right or wrong answer, though. Only you know your kids but at least you can go into it with an informed decision. It might well be a better choice, but only if proper activity is promoted alongside it.

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