Don't miss the Lumia 535 Smart Buyback and MobiKwik cash back offers if you're in India

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched a 'Lumia 535 Smart Buyback Offer' in India in which you could exchange your old phone in a working condition, and buy a new Lumia 535 for ₹5,999 (US$ 90), inclusive of all taxes.

This offer is available on purchase of Lumia 535 at all the authorized re-sellers of Lumia devices across India till stock lasts.

Additionally if you've bought a Lumia 540, Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 730, or a Lumia 430 in the offer period (Starting August 7, 2015), you can get a cash back of up to ₹3,600 in your MobiKwik wallet. The cashback offer can be redeemed over a period of one year, ₹300 per month, by using the code 'LUMIA300' to avail the offer.

If you're looking for a budget Windows Phone device, Lumia 535 is a pretty good option on the table, although ₹5,999 isn't really a steal considering there are newer models available in the sub-10K price without buyback. Of course, if you are looking to buy a nice, little Windows Phone device, you'd want to make use of the offer and save some bucks. You can find the list of qualifying handsets here{.nofollow}.

And if you're buying any other budget Lumia phone, make sure you use the MobiKwik benefit. The cash back that you can use for your mobile payments as well as across many online and offline merchants, will make buying a Windows Phone device a pretty sweet deal.

  • Need an update to make the 640 XL 4G compatible.
  • You wont get... 640XL has 4 varients... Dual sim 3G , dual sim 4G , single sim 3G & single sim 4G ... So if you want 4G in your phone , you want to buy another one
  • Dual SIM 4G, but it doesn't work yet.
  • Ok
  • You will get the 4G network may be after an update. I got it on my 1520. O.o Didn't even expect in such a old phone.
  • I highly doubt it. I have a 640 Dual SIM, which currently shows 3G as highest speed. One day, I had no network on my SIM 2, which I use as my primary SIM, so I went to mobile+SIM settings to select network manually, and inside the SIM 2settings, there was an option to use enhanced 4G LTE services. I have a screenshot, but I cannot upload it here from the WC app.
  • I bought a 640xl last month and 4G wasn't working when the SIM was in slot 2. So I changed it to slot 1 and it is working now.
  • Definitely nice phone but..those touch issues are not a minor problem.
  • Agreed a​and Microsoft stills in denial about touch and sensibility problems.
  • Since February I've still not gotten the chance to return this phone to Nokia Care center for replacement :)
    The touchscreen problem is annoying
  • Now, every Lumia devices of 2016 should have minimum 720p screen, 1 gb Ram, 8 gb Rom, Front facing Camera, Rear camera with Led flash, on-die LTE( No 3G models only), new designs( Removing Old designs from 2014), Aluminium or Hard Polycarbonate frames( Like that of Lumia 830 not Full back shells that of Lumia 730, 630, 635, 640, 540) and high quality build and hardwares with no plague issues with right specifications for each price segment.
  • I'm pretty sure ms won't offer bang for the buck phones. Ones the win 10 mobile port for android is announced imma gonna get a mi5 or something. Better value and windows :-)
  • Cheap plastic is there too. Plus these phones get real slow after 7-8 months of usage.
  • I've been using Lumia 730 for more than 8 months, and still it's very good. No performance issues. I've more than 130 apps in my mobile. Windows is not like Android.
  • @Trivishal
    I think you just described a Moto G 2015 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, I want phone with right specs, latest processors, still bang for buck but still with nice build quality. These Lumia phones of 2014/2015 except Lumia 830 and 930, have particularly the gaps between front Glass panel and the corners of the phone which is easily noticeable and looks bad( For eg. See any high resolution photo of Lumia 535, 640, 640 XL, 730, 735) and the gap and creak between back body and back cover of these phones can be easily felt due to non-unibody type design, as well as sharp corners around edges sucks, so I am against these types of fully removable back cover instead it would be better to have phones with Aluminium frames or even hard polycarbonate frames, with removable cover like that of Lumia 830 but the frames must be smooth rounded like that of Lumia 925.
  • 16 rom... 8 gb rom sucks and sucks major.... It's just so much irritating...
  • Pointless to buy this phone. Won't get Windows 10..
  • No it will get Windows 10 mobile. MS had stated it clearly. I'm running latest build on my 535 now
  • Does it still have touch sensitivity issues in windows 10
  • MS has clearly stated that the L535 will get the W10M update.
  • W10 oficialy?
  • Yeah it still has touch issues. The phone becomes unusable while charging it.
  • I bought 430 for mobikwik cashback offer, got 430@3900₹.
  • U got that phone which website or in retail showrooms????
  • From paytm
  • Don't cheat... LUMIA300 code doesn't work. Tell me valid code.
  • It works for me, I get 300₹ cashback
  • My dad bought Lumia 532... It doesn't have that offer... :(
  • Isn't the Lumia 535 which has that bad screen?
  • Not bad screen, but the first batch of the Lumia 535 had serious touch issues, that was hardware issue not software.
  • If they announce same for flagship phones coming. Exchange current phones and get discounts. So more people can afford the upgrade.
  • LUMIA300 promo code not working.. It says invalid promo code
  • How "big" is Lumia in the India market? 1/10 of your friend own a Lumia?
  • Not sure about others. About 3 of 10 of my college friends own a Lumia. Note: I'm seeing more Lumias ever since Microsoft dropped the pricing dramatically.
  • Absolutely. More than ever. Whenever I see a coloured phone in someone's hand n it turns out to be Micromax. ... Ahhhh *facepalm* :D
  • Lol!
  • In my home we have 2 Lumia phones, one iPhone and 2 Samsung keypad basic phones
  • Yea and also I more lumias in hands of people when I went out..
  • Actually I see many Lumia phones nowadays.Some of my friends too have WP.And the best part is they like it.
  • My all friends have Lumia except one
  • Even if you consider 1/10, India is huge market for smartphones..
  • "I see more Lumia phones in City malls & market....Indian guys loving it....more than ever......"
  • About 5/10 of my friends have... (50%) .. And more of my friends are gonna upgrade to Lumia ... Its just chain reaction if 1-2 of ur friends own it then others see and get influenced and buy.... The reaction continues and so lumia's are increasing day by day .
  • Use code LUM300. Ensure to use it in the mentioned hand sets.
  • Yep. Travelling in a public transport, you'll see a number of lumias.
    Surprisingly, I see Lumias more than iPhones now.
  • I guess your reply was to the previous comment...
  • worst lumia.......touch sensitive not good bought for 9200rs sold for 5500rs after 4months(rarely used)
  • Hey Abhishek Baxi, isn't LUM300 the promo code for the MobiKwik offer?
  • Good offer, wrong phone. Mobikwik should have implemented this exchange offer on the L640/640 XL and the L540 instead which are newer and clearly far better devices than the L535.
  • Actually dats the idea... L540 , L640/XL .... Those are better devices so no need of offers to get the sales to increase .... L535 on the other hand is a "weak" phone with quite a no. Of issues and low sales...
  • Except if you bought the phone after 7-Aug-2015, it's not even an offer.. L535 @ 6K in exchange of certain handsets? New L535 itself costs 6.3~6.5K in India!! 
  • How to avail the offer for Lumia 730?? Please help
  • Try code LUM300
  • It's not a great deal you can get the phone for 6400 in Amazon India without any exchange
  • Lumia 535...Worst budget Lumia phone.
  • Yes
  • I bought it in January (₹. 9200/-)'& can you please give me ₹. 3000/- back.
  • 535 touch issues yet to get resolved
  • Lumia300 promo code is not working in mobi wallet. :(
  • Is MS making people fool ? The same mobile available for INR 6500 without exchange Check link So they think our old mobile is worth INR 601 only ??
  • Would recommend everyone not to buy the phone as the offer of cashback from Mobiwik is invalid. I bought my phone in August and I was told that I will get cash back of Rs 300 every month. But all of sudden the company has withdraw this offer without prior notice and had told all cosutmers that they have the rights to withdraw all the promotional offers at any time. There  by cheating many of the customers; this ideally means that anyone who wants to sell his product can give alluring offers and all of a sudden withdraw these offers. Would request everyone not to fall into trap of such companies.