Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 invade Xbox One, backward compatible versions removed from sale

What you need to know

  • Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 are now available natively on Xbox One.
  • The Xbox 360 backward compatible versions have been removed from sale, but are still accessible to existing owners.
  • The new ports require you to be online for certain features.
  • You can purchase them through the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

Updated August 15, 2019: Bethesda has updated the Doom games so that logging into is optional.

At QuakeCon 2019, Bethesda announced that Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 were coming to a number of different platforms like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Doom and Doom II are also available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. If you want to play them natively on your console, you can download them right now. Luckily, the games are quite cheap because Doom and Doom II cost $5, while Doom 3 comes in at $10.

Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 were supposed to go on sale yesterday afternoon, but it looks like that was delayed until this morning. It's unclear why this is the case, but it might be related to the fact that other versions have been removed from the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

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Keep in mind that the three Doom games on Xbox One require you to sign in to a account. While this isn't ideal, it seems like the company is locking down games to its online portal. Bethesda wants this to be optional, but right now it isn't. What's even more shocking is that the Xbox 360 versions of Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 which were backward compatible, have been removed from sale. Bethesda definitely wants you to buy the native Xbox One ports which may be more expensive.

Initially, there was an error which resulted in those who had already bought the three backward compatible games to be unable to access them. Luckily, that has since been resolved, but it doesn't look like they'll go on sale again. If you want to purchase these paritcular Doom games, be sure to do so on Xbox One. Since all Xbox One games are rumored to be compatible with Microsoft's upcoming console Project Scarlett, you'll still be able to play them on future hardware.


Celebrate Doom's 25th anniversary with the rerelease of the original Doom. First released in 1993, Doom introduced millions of players to the fast-paced demon-slaying action the franchise is known for. Relive the birth of the first-person shooter and experience the demon-blasting fun that popularized the genre. This version contains the Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed expansion with nine more action-packed levels.

Doom II

You can also celebrate Doom's 25th anniversary with the rerelease of Doom II. This beloved sequel to the groundbreaking Doom gave players the brutal Super Shotgun to bear against deadlier demons, and the infamous boss, the Icon of Sin. This version of the game contains Master Levels, almost two dozen stages made by the community and developers.

Doom 3

Lastly, you can top off your collection with Doom 3. While Doom 3 isn't the third part in a trilogy, it's the critically-acclaimed retelling of he original Doom where players must battle their way through a demon-infested facility before entering the abyss to battle Hell's mightiest warrior. This version also contains the Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions expansions.

Doom Eternal, the latest shooter in the franchise, is scheduled to launch on November 22. You can preorder it for $60 on Amazon if you want.

Updated July 29, 2019: Bethesda said that the inability for those who purchased the Xbox 360 versions of the games from accessing the titles through backward compatibility was a mistake. However, they won't return for sale on Xbox 360. New customers will have to buy them on Xbox One. Additionally, in a future update, the publisher will lift the sign-in restriction so that it's optional.

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  • Hey Bethesda, you're a jerk.
  • Yea, I was going to buy these until I read you need a Bethesda account. That's just crazy.
  • That's being removed.
  • Making people who already bought these and removing them from backwards compatibility is literally worse than EA. As they still have burnout paradise for sale after re-releasing it.
  • Sounds like their not selling the BC versions. If you already own it you can still play it on BC.
  • That’s correct. You just can’t buy them on Xbox 360 anymore.
  • It's absolutely crap, I don't understand why the removal of the backwards compatible versions. I own them but didn't have them downloaded and now they are gone from my ready to install... I'm Not a happy Doom Guy
  • Are you sure you still can't download it? Sounded like in article their not selling BC versions any more. Which doesn't necessarily mean you can't download it if you already own it or get it on disc
  • I mean they could at least compensate owners of the Backwards Compatible versions by giving them the new versions of Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 for free depending on what games they owned as a good gesture
  • Have you tried putting the discs in your xbox one? From the sounds of things BC should still work. It's just if people go to the MS store they will only see the xb1 versions for purchase.
  • You can still get the ones you own. Says so right in the article, had you read it.
  • You couldn't 2 days ago fella but the issue has just been resolved within the past 24 hours m8