DOOM Eternal comes to Xbox Game Pass for PC December 3, adds new challenges

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Doom Eternal The Old Gods Part One Image (Image credit: Bethesda (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • DOOM Eternal, the latest in the FPS DOOM franchise, has already joined Xbox Game Pass for consoles.
  • In an announcement today, it was revealed that DOOM Eternal was coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC December 3, 2020.
  • The game is also getting a new Master Level, adding unique challenge in exchange for exclusive cosmetic rewards.

DOOM Eternal is calling on new DOOM Slayers to join the ranks and start slaying demons en masse, and is aiming to do that by joining the growing Xbox Game Pass for PC lineup. DOOM Eternal already came to Xbox Game Pass for consoles a little while ago, but is now making the jump to PC's version of Microsoft's game subscription service. Anyone subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to download and play DOOM Eternal to their heart's content starting December 3, 2020.

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While DOOM Eternal's arrival on Xbox Game Pass for PC is certainly the biggest part of today's announcement, there's also some news for existing DOOM Eternal players. A new Master Level is being added to the game, which is when an existing level from the campaign is given extra challenge with new baddies, flows, and more. This time, the level Super Gore Nest is the recipient of id Software's affections, and players who are able to complete the various challenges can earn exclusive cosmetic rewards, and eventually a super cool Gold Combat Shotgun.

There's also a brand-new variation in DOOM Eternal in which Super Gore Nest must be played like the original DOOM, in which players will only start with the Combat Shotgun, and you'll have to scavenge and find weapons and power-ups in the map to eventually achieve peak DOOM Slayer. Accomplish this task, and you'll earn the Classic Green Slayer Skin.

DOOM Eternal is a high-intensity first-person shooter, so make sure you're prepared with one of the Best Controllers for Xbox Series X|S for peak performance and as little latency as possible.

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