DOOM's 'Hell Followed' DLC now available on Xbox One and PC

Hell Followed, DOOM's second premium DLC pack, has burst onto the scene for Xbox One and PC, bringing along a load of new content for gamers to check out. Along with introducing the new Reaper weapon and enemy-sensing Threat Pulse equipment, Hell Followed will also allow players to play as the flying, lightning-shooting Cacodemon. There are even some new demon-inspired customization options for your marine with new Cyberdemonic Armor.

Hell Followed also introduces three new multiplayer maps. Here's a quick description of what to expect from each:

  • Argent Breach – Battle among ancient burial ruins of the Night Sentinels, where statues of heroes past overlook the machinery of a fallen society.
  • Molten – Clash in a world littered with volcanic temples and fight inside a crumbling facility dedicated to harnessing energy from the lava that envelopes the entire planet.
  • Orbital – Fight in low gravity aboard a robotic station in deep space. Surprise opponents from above, but be careful not to fall into the vastness of space below.

Hell Followed is available now for $15 on both Xbox One and PC. If you've previously purchased the $40 DOOM Season Pass (opens in new tab), Hell Followed is included and should be available to download now.

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  • No DLC until the bugs are fixed.