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Dread Templar is a new retro FPS inspired by DOOM, Quake, and Hexen, coming in Early Access this Fall

Dread Templar Hero Image
Dread Templar Hero Image (Image credit: 1C Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Dread Templar is a new first-person shooter coming to PC on Steam later this year.
  • The game is clearly inspired by classic retro shooters like DOOM, Quake, and Hexen.
  • However, Dread Templar wants to combine the feel of those classic games with modern shooter features.
  • Dread Templar features fast-paced gameplay with a wide arsenal of weapons and areas to explore.

Even after decades of evolutions in game design, the development of new game technologies, and recent trends in video games, retro FPS games like DOOM, Quake, and Hexen still hold a special place in the hearts of countless gamers. Dread Templar is the latest game that wears its retro-inspirations on its sleeves... and everywhere else. However, this gritty classic-throwback has modern aspirations on top of its retro inspirations and aims to combine modern features with old-school vibes.

Dread Templar comes from IC Entertainment, and features incredibly fast-paced gameplay with a wide arsenal of weaponry (over ten types!), dashing, headshots, bullet time, an abundance of puzzles and secret areas to explore, and goretastic, explosive combat with a handmade retro pixel art style. From the early trailer and screenshots, Dread Templar looks like it could be a big winner for fans of the genre.

Dread Templar is heading to Steam in Early Access in Fall 2021, with a wider public release planned for sometime in 2022. You can check out additional screenshots for the game below if you want to see more of it.

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Zachary Boddy
Zachary Boddy

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  • It looks interesting, but also a bit lacking in ambition/originality. Something I think the game should be able to answer is "why should I buy this instead of the new DOOM or DOOM Eternal?" You don't always have to be as good or better than the AAA studios, but if you're going to make a game so obviously borrow from a franchise, I think you have to really showcase how you're different, if not better. The trailer, thanks to stuff like slow-mo and dashing, feels like they took mechanics from DOOM Eternal and ported them to a downgraded game. In that sense, it's hard to not KIND OF see "DOOM Eternal, but worse." I do agree that people who enjoy the old-school DOOM and Quake (never played Hexen) will probably find enjoyment out of what this game brings, but I think they would have been better-served to break away from their inspirers in some way. maybe go for something that isn't gore/hell/demon-themed, something with a distinctly different color palette/art design? Obviously, they're not going back to the drawing board on all of that NOW, but that would be what I think they could do to make their games stand out going forward. Instead of looking at direct sequel options if this game succeeds, consider something more like FromSoftware, where you build a great core of mechanics and game style, then apply it to all kinds of environments (like the different settings between Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro).
  • looks very Quakey. Looks boring as well... Nothing exciting from the trailer.