Dying Light 2 may keep you busy for up to 100 hours of gameplay

What you need to know

  • Dying Light 2 features a branching narrative with many quests.
  • In order to experience it all, you'll have to play it multiple times, making different choices.
  • The game can be rushed through in 15 hours, but you'll need to spend ten times more to properly complete it.
  • Dying Light 2 can be preordered on Amazon for $60.

Last year, Dying Light 2 was revealed on Microsoft's E3 stage. While the title returns to a decaying city with survivors trying to live after an apocalyptic event, it brings a new emphasis on your choices and their impact on the world. Since the reveal, we haven't heard much about the game, but during a recent interview between producer Kornel Jaskula and GamesRadar+, more information came to light.

Dying Light 2 features branching paths, so you'll have to play it a number of times to explore all options. This means that certain areas in the game and story missions will be inaccessible due to specific choices. Jaskula said "It's almost like we are creating several games worth of content right now. We are designing the game with the foundation that some of the players will miss content and we are okay with that. Thanks to the variety of stories, missions, content, and assets, we believe that it will make players want to play the game again and again, or try to play with other players in co-op to see their worlds."

According to another report by PC Games N, Dying Light 2 can be completed in 15 to 20 hours, but in order to experience it all, you'll probably spend 100 hours or so. Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala, "Things just happen as you play the game and you have to react to them. But it is 15 to 20 hours for the main story, because the whole content, I would say, is more than 100 hours." This information was revealed in an interview between Smektala and Prankster 101 Productions.

Hopefully Dying Light 2 will feature a compelling story. The first title excelled when it came to gameplay, but the narrative and voice acting were lacking. It's unclear when Dying Light 2 is coming to Xbox One and other platforms, but you can preorder it on Amazon for $60. As always, the game will be enhanced for the Xbox One X.



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