E-Win Racing 'Calling' Gaming Chair review: Your back's new best friend

I am one such person. Having previously worked in an office, and now working from home, I spend pretty much all of my time at my desk. I never really considered how important a chair could be, until I received the E-Win Racing 'Calling' gaming chair.

My back has never been happier.

There are dozens of chairs like it on the market, but E-Win's is the first I've used that has both adjustable lumbar support for your lower back and a headrest. It's this combination of features that make it an excellent chair, whether you're planning to use it for long gaming sessions, office work, or just relaxing and watching TV.

The E-Win gaming chair is a self-assembled design and is built for durability and comfort. It's adjustable in various ways, and costs around $329 (it's currently on sale on Amazon for $229), though there are various models available.

How well does it work? Read on to find out.

Features and comfort

  • Chair Size: 20 inches x 20 inches x 50.1 inches.
  • Materials: Metal frame, synthetic leather chair, foam cushions, and plastic armrests.
  • Adjustability: 360-degree swivel, 155-degree adjustable backrest, adjustable height, adjustable armrests.
  • Weight support: Supports up to 330 lbs.

I love the fact that the E-Win chair's frame is made of metal. This is a chair that will last a long time, and you can really feel it from the five-point base all the way up to the frame of the seat itself, which is cushioned generously in textured synthetic leather with thick foam. If you've found yourself prone to breaking cheaper plastic chairs, this is just what the chiropractor ordered.

The chair has various standard office-seat-like features, including a gas lift that supports up to 330 pounds for adjustable height, with a standard lever for adjusting pressure. You can also adjust the tilt of the seat itself but also the backrest using a second side lever. The backrest supports several different angles, up to 155 degrees. You could potentially sleep in this chair.

The armrests are adjustable in height, which is a nice addition for supporting different gamers' needs. But perhaps the best thing, my favorite thing, about it is the lumbar back support cushion.

The cushion is held in place with straps, and it can be slid up and down at will. I cannot possibly emphasize how much better it is to have this cushion in place, and I struggle to understand how I spent the last 10 years working at a desk without using one. Still, if it's not your bag, it can also be removed entirely - a nice bonus if you were planning to recline further back in this chair. For seated configurations, it's simply wonderful.

Quality and usability

Unlike some other chairs I've used, E-Win's uses synthetic leather instead of fabric. PU leather is less prone to wear than fabric, and while it's not as strong as genuine leather, it is significantly cheaper. The synth leather is also far easier to clean and wipe down than fabric-based chairs might be, and its general thickness really gives a strong impression of durability.

The stitching is tight, the levers are responsive and easy to use, and the wheels are reassuringly high in quality. Self-assembly is often quite a chore with these sorts of chairs, with screws and holes misaligning or with unclear instructions. But the manual was succinct and clear, and every joint and connection was surprisingly easy to make.

I honestly don't have a single thing to complain about with this chair. Even the synth leather, which I expected to be clammy under hot conditions, has been surprisingly airy, even in baking 95-degree F AC-less summer heat in South Germany.

Could this chair be perfect? Quite possibly.

Final thoughts: Buy this chair!

As a dude who spends the majority of his time at a desk, finding a decent chair has always been a bit of a struggle for me. I've always opted to go low-end and pick up something for around $100, only to regret it a few weeks later as the damn thing fell apart or started hurting my back. I always just made do, but now that I work from home, it has become even more necessary for me to take something as basic as sitting more seriously.

That's what the E-Win range seems to represent: serious sitting. Using high-quality materials, metal frames, and tons of adjustable features and complimentary neck and lumbar support, I feel like the price of $329 (before any sales) is incredibly reasonable. E-Win has made me take chairs a lot more seriously.


  • Supremely comfortable.
  • Durable design, premium materials.
  • Solid metal frame.


  • Some may find it a little pricy for a chair.

If you're in the market for something more comfortable for gaming or office work, you honestly need look no further. Buy this chair. You won't regret it.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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