E3 2020 digital experience won't be happening, E3 2021 dates revealed

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What you need to know

  • E3 2020 was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • A "reimagined" event will take place next year.
  • The ESA has reportedly canceled plans of an online-only version of E3 2020.

After E3 2020 was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent consequences of it, the ESA has reportedly set dates for a "reimagined" event next year. According to a report from Gamesindustry.biz, the ESA has shared with partners that a "reimagined" event will be taking place next year, with dates scheduled for June 15-17, 2021.

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Following the cancellation of E3 2020, the ESA said that it was looking to explore ways to "coordinate an online experience to showcase industry announcements and news" in its place. However, it seems as that is also not happening, as PC Gamer reports that the "online experience" for E3 2020 has been canceled.

"Given the disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be presenting an online E3 2020 event in June," the ESA said in a statement sent to PC Gamer. "Instead, we will be working with exhibitors to promote and showcase individual company announcements, including on www.E3expo.com, in the coming months," the rep said. "We look forward to bringing our industry and community together in 2021 to present a reimagined E3 that will highlight new offerings and thrill our audiences."

In place of E3, many publishers will likely be holding digital events to replace the conferences that would've taken place right before E3. Phil Spencer has already confirmed this will be the case for Xbox, with details on a digital event coming in the next few weeks. Ubisoft has also confirmed it is looking into a digital event.

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