EA Access now available on Xbox One in India

EA Access is now available on the Xbox One in India. The services gives players unlimited access to select EA library titles, as well as discounts on digital content, for a monthly fee. The service costs 315.00 INR per month or 1,990.00 INR per year.

Library titles available for download are found in the EA Access Vault. Current Vault titles include Battlefield 4, Peggle 2, and a number of EA Sports games. Digital discounts get subscribers 10% off both games and their downloadable content. EA Access subscribers also have access to early game trials, with the progress made in the trial moving over to the full game after it's purchased.

Currently, EA Access is only available on the Xbox One.

Source: EA

Joseph Keller
  • good
  • nice!
  • Ye to bahut achhi baat hai but Indians are still considering PS4 more than XBOne. And that is so because of XBO's so much dependence on Internet.
  • Um, they got rid of the DRM thing before the xbox one even launched. The xbox one doesn't require constant Internet connection. What are you trying to say?
  • No more than the PS4
  • because you cannot share games IMO.
  • ^^ THIS ^^
    Exactly no sharing for free..!!
    EDIT: No paid content for free..Illegal though in demand..!!
  • You can share games. Are you sure you are talking about the Xbox???
  • Can you download paid games from your desktop>Pen Drive>Xbox One..??
  • I don't care for Xbox One / PS4 ...
    (because even if I do, won't get any soon enough) so...
    PC gaming ftw!
  • U just said you don't care for either... So why say even if u do??? Why are you reading about consoles if you aren't interested in them and are all about the PC master race
  • Getting informed and learned is no crime....
  • And why are you bothered about his comments or his mindset..?? You are reading about consoles..Interesting topic..?? But sadly I can't see any productive comment of yours other than this whiny one..!!
  • Hardcore pc gamer since 1995
  • PC Gaming Rocks..!!
  • Piracy? No
  • PS3 is more popular here in India because people trade their old titles in exchange of new ones. that's not the case with XB360. Talking of the XBONE, new generation but the same old situation . . .
  • Why can you not trade old 360 titles for new ones? Or X1? They both use discs like PlayStation does, and anyone can share digital games with X1 as long as the friend has the sharer's X1 as their home console.
  • That's just because of poor marketing by Microsoft and overrated PS4..Though the PS4 is the best for gaming but the Xbox One tops in the rest of the categories..!!
  • Hey how to connect Tatasky hd to Xbox one?
  • +1030
  • The only games you can't share are digital downloads. But I'd you log into someones system, can you not acres your games there? I don't get the arguments for PS4 in this topic. Plus, as far as the topic is concerned, EA Access is for Xbox only. So yeah...
  • you can't use the oneguide features but all you have to do is plug the HDMI cable from the Tata sky into the HDMI input of the Xbox one and you're done
  • (sry to go off topic) Hey, anyone else have a problem with slow screen rotation after denim update?
  • Most of us are still on cyan.. actually.
  • Would have been better if ye had asked that in the forums..!!
  • Forums are your friend. Not a post about Xbox.
  • They need to sort out the Xbox One server problem first. people paying for xbox live & lately all they seem to be getting is down time what's happening
  • It's not like hackers attacked Xbox live causing server issues. Less of course you're talking about pre Christmas.
  • Yes its been a problem constantly with servers. I begin to wonder is it a constant problem with next gen gaming & cloud server's & lizard squad was a distraction from the real problem???
  • You can't prevent DDoS. It isn't an "Xbox One server problem," it is a problem with literally any server out there. Every server is vulnerable to DDoS.
  • If that's the case ps3has always been vulnerable ps4 looks to be the same, but if its a problem why carry-on down that route, Xbox One just over a year Old & it's problem's have been constantly server related I have 360, been an xbox live gold member constantly for nearly 6yrs never really had any problems my lad has gone on to Xbox One and has had nothing but server problem's one way or another.
  • Hey could anyone please tell me how to use 'tv pass through' and voice commands in xbox one with Kinect in India ?
    There is no forum for Indian Xbox one users. Also lack of information regarding Indian region. DTH and indian cable services are different. So kindly tell me or guide me to appropriate forum or any links.
  • Xbox One was never meant for folks outside US of A..!!
  • You mean using voice commands to change channels? That'll only work if tv guide is supported in your country. You can still plug in any hdmi source to view it on the Xbox of course. It's not US only, the UK has the TV guide along with a number of European countries (probably some other countries too).
  • Thanks appreciate it... I have Xbox 360 considering to buy Xbox one in a month. There hardly any clarity in India. Lack of info online.
  • No real news in past 50 articles
  • Agreed..Cause it's Christmas and Hols time..!! By the way do you have any 'real' news..??
  • So what do you class as real 'news' then?
  • Agreed
  • Who's the guy, in purple uniform? I don't see him on Madden. Go Pack Go!!!
  • But but, people in India still play on ps2's and original Xbox :P
  • No. I've never seen the original Xbox anywhere.
  • Why have voice commands still not been enabled for Xbox one in India? Has anyone been successful in doing so?
  • Well the Indian gaming market both in terms of consoles and pc, is plagued by piracy and modding, the real reason is the currency ratio, if you see the per capita income in India any newly anticipated game purchase will result in budget crash, so over 90% are pirating...
  • ^ this Modding is the only way Xbox breaths in the country. In game parlours, all you see is modded consoles running on external hard disk
  • I can recommend this service most definitely! I dont know how is the pricing in Indian currency cos those numbers dont say anything to me, but at least the US/European pricing for a yearly sub is so good that I'd definitely get that!
  • Great, hopefully, it will be dependable the the North American instance - unable to connect all weekend