If you don't know who Elbert Perez is, you probably know his games as he just published his 10th one to the Windows Phone Marketplace, called 'Microchip Rush'. His other games are include Nom Nom Worm, Impossible Shoota, Quadra, Fishing Girl and many others.

From the app's description for Microchip Rush:

The microchips need to be delivered fast! As the manager of the largest microchip production facility your task is to teleport as many chips as possible. However production errors manifest themselves as mines that can end your career as a shipping manager.

  • Use strategy and speed to deliver the most chips as possible
  • Score the highest score possible to be able to brag around the world that you are the greatest Microchip production facility manager

We always find Perez's games quite amusing and seeing as they are free, you know, there's no real commitment in trying it out. So if the above vid has wet your appetite, here's your Marketplace link.