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When you start a new Elden Ring playthrough, your map will be completely blank, and it's up to you to fill it. As you venture through each area in the game's open world, you may come across map fragments. There are 19 map fragments in Elden Ring, total. These items unlock a full map for the area in which you find them, complete with drawings of the terrain, structures, roads, mines, ruins, and other notable points of interest. If you collect them all, your map will be completely filled out.

Finding these Map Fragments is extremely beneficial — not only do they make progressing through each area easier, but they also help you locate and reach places where valuable pieces of loot — such as new weapons or spells — can be found. As such, we've created this in-depth guide that includes everything you need to know about how to find Map Fragments, as well as the location of each Map Fragment in Elden Ring.

We'll explain where to find Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree map fragments in a different guide, if they are part of the expansion (which seems likely). 

Elden Ring: How to find all 19 Map Fragments

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While the task of finding Map Fragments in Elden Ring sounds daunting, it's actually not too difficult of a process. They'll always be located in front of a Guide Stele, which is a tall monolith-like stone covered in runic writing. Notably, these structures are also always near or next to a road, so if you travel along an area's pathways, you're likely to come across that area's Map Fragment.

It's also important to note that as you venture farther and farther into a new region, the fog covering it on the map will begin to clear up and a drawing of a Guide Stele may be revealed on the map. This represents the location of the region's Map Fragment, so if you spot the Guide Stele icon, place a waypoint on it and travel there immediately.

For additional help, check out this Elden Ring interactive map

Elden Ring: Limgrave, West Map Fragment

The Limgrave, West Map Fragment can be found in the Gatefront Ruins area, which is located along the path that leads up to Stormveil Castle. The Guide Stele is directly next to a large camp filled with Stormveil soldier enemies, so make sure you collect the Map Fragment carefully.

Elden Ring: Limgrave, East Map Fragment

The Limgrave, East Map Fragment is located along the road that goes through the Mistveil forest found in the region's southeastern area. There are several giant bears in this area, so take care not to disturb them as you collect the Map Fragment.

Elden Ring: Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment

The Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment is a relatively easy one to find. Simply travel along the road that leads south to Morne Castle, and you'll find the Map Fragment once the full castle comes into view. Watch out for the Giant Golem in front of the castle, as he'll constantly fire greatarrows at you from afar until you either leave his line of sight or kill him.

Elden Ring: Liurnia, East Map Fragment

The Liurnia, East Map Fragment can be found in the southernmost part of the region's swampy area next to a large number of lily pads and blue flowers. It's surrounded by a few enemies, so make sure to take them out before you try to snag the Map Fragment.

Elden Ring: Liurnia, West Map Fragment

To get the Liurnia, West Map Fragment, you'll need to travel up along the region's western road towards Caria Manor. There aren't any enemies near the Guide Stele, so you should be able to get the Map Fragment without any trouble.

Elden Ring: Liurnia, North Map Fragment

To find the Liurnia, North Map Fragment, travel west along the road that leads to the Raya Lucaria Academy until you reach the edge of the Academy Gate Town. The Guide Stele and Map Fragment are located right next to the Site of Grace at this location.

Elden Ring: Altus Plateau Map Fragment

The Altus Plateau Map Fragment is another easy one to get, as all you have to do is go north on the region's central road, towards the Minor Erdtree. The Map Fragment will be right on the side of the path, and since enemies don't often patrol this spot, you should be able to grab it easily.

Elden Ring: Caelid Map Fragment

The Caelid Map Fragment is one of the tougher ones to get, as it's surrounded by massive crow-like enemies that have lots of health and dish out strong damage. We recommend using your mount, Torrent, to obtain this Map Fragment since you can use him to quickly run in and then run out. To get it, travel along the region's main road, keeping an eye on the right side. You'll come across the Map Fragment right before the secondary path that leads to Redmane Castle begins.

Elden Ring: Leyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment

To get the Leyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment, hop on Torrent and charge up the massive staircase in the southeastern part of the region, past all the enemies and the two Tree Sentinels guarding the door. The Guide Stele and Map Fragment, as well as a Site of Grace and two Golden Seeds, are located directly through the door.

Elden Ring: Mt. Gelmir Map Fragment

The Mt. Gelmir Map Fragment can be found in the southwestern part of the region, directly after the boss fight with the large monster in the crater that you can jump into. Watch out for the large, hand-shaped enemy nearby that will attempt to chase you down.

Elden Ring: Mountaintops of the Giants, West Map Fragment

The Mountaintops of the Giants, West Map Fragment is a simple one to get, as it's located directly next to the Site of Grace you come across after taking the lift from the Forbidden Lands to this region. This Map Fragment is basically impossible to miss, so finding it should be incredibly easy.

Elden Ring: Mountaintops of the Giants, East Map Fragment

The Mountaintops of the Giants, East Map Fragment isn't difficult to get in and of itself, but the path leading up to it is filled with danger. To reach it, you'll need to go south past the numerous enemies in the Guardians' Garrison camp in the center of the region, running on the "bridge" made out of a massive chain. The Guide Stele and Map Fragment, as well as a Site of Grace, are located on the other side of the chain.

Elden Ring: Dragonbarrow Map Fragment

Dragonbarrow is a dangerous region in general since dragons often chase you around there, but reaching its Map Fragment is especially perilous since it's close to several dragon spawns. It's located along the road in the region's central northern area, west of Dragonbarrow's Minor Erdtree. We recommend using Torrent while getting this Map Fragment so you can quickly grab it while evading dragon attacks.

Elden Ring: Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment

The Consecrated Snowfield is a secret area that's only accessible after you find the Secret Haligtree Medallion in Elden Ring's map and present it at the Grand Lift of Rold. To find its Map Fragment, head to the center of the area and look for the Guide Stele on the north riverbank.

Elden Ring: Ainsel River Map Fragment

The Ainsel River is an underground area attached to Liurnia of the Lakes, and it has its very own Map Fragment, too. You can find it in the location's southwestern area, within a large columned structure. The massive monster on top of the building will constantly rain down projectiles and the zombie-like enemies are dangerous, so we recommend running into the building as fast as you can to get the Map Fragment.

Elden Ring: Siofra River Map Fragment

The Siofra River underground area is attached to East Limgrave, though its enemies are much deadlier than what you'll find on the surface. Thankfully, you don't have to deal with many of these enemies at all when collecting its Map Fragment, which is located in the location's southeastern area next to a massive staircase.

Elden Ring: Deeproot Depths Map Fragment

The Map Fragment for the underground Deeproot Depths area can be found just north of the region's center within a pavilion structure. There are a few enemies nearby, but they're not very hard to dispose of and can be avoided easily.

Elden Ring: Mohgwyn Palace Map Fragment

A dead person is thoughtful enough to hold this map fragment for you. To get it from them, you need to go to the Palace Approach Site of Grace and then head down into the red... uh... liquid below. Once across the water, head up the cliff and go to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, you'll recognize it as the ruins surrounded by columns. The dead person will be sitting near the middle of the stone floor. 

Elden Ring: Lake of Rot Map Fragment

Lake of Rot is a nasty area you'll only be able to reach once you've accepted Ranni the Witch's quest. Alternatively, you can sneek in to the Lake of Rot by entering a coffin by the Deeproot Depths waterfall. 

Investigate the large felled body near the entrance, and you'll find a map fragment on them. 

Fill that map and see what you've missed

In addition to giving you a sense of completion, filling out the Elden Ring map allows you to see the details in each area. That way, if you've missed out on a puzzle, location, or other secret nearby, you're more likely to be able to find everything. 

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Overall, map fragments are easy enough to come by. The trick is just knowing where exactly they are located. Just follow our instructions for each of the 19 Elden Ring map fragments, and you'll have filled out the map in no time. Of course, there will likely be more map fragments for the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, so we'll be covering that in a separate guide. 

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