The mandatory subscription fee has been removed, and additional content can be purchased for reasonable prices. According to Bethesda, the game has ten million players and they want to bring more on board.

In order to give more gamers a taste of The Elder Scrolls Online, the publisher just announced a free-to-play event. From November 2 to November 5, 2017, Xbox Live Gold members can play the game on Xbox One for free. You can experience epic tales and adventure, battle mighty beasts in perilous dungeons, or fight in massive battles against other gamers. The free event is only available for this weekend so keep that in mind. If you want to continue your progress, you'll have to buy the game after November 5.

In The Elder Scrolls Online, experience one connected world and stay up to date with everything your friends are doing. Whether you play alone or with friends, the game's combat system allows you to focus on action and tactics. You can use any weapon at any time, no matter your class, and customize your abilities to play the way you want. There are hundreds of quests. The goal is to uncover the mysteries of Tamriel, and seek heroic quests on your own schedule. You can explore the far reaches of Skyrim, the mysterious lands of Morrowind, the sprawling metropolis of Daggerfall, and much more.

If you haven't played the game, be sure to check it out at retailers. Xbox One X users are in for a treat because Bethesda promised to upgrade the game for the upcoming console.

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