Face off against the demonic Molag Bal Elder Scrolls Online's first DLC - Imperial City is available now on Xbox One

Elder Scrolls Online is among the best pure MMOs currently available on Xbox One, and today, ESO received its first DLC.

The nefarious Daedric Prince Molag Bal has overthrown Imperial City, the heart of Cyrodiil, famed for its part in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. ESO is comprised of three player factions, and each will vie for control over the Cyrodiilic Empire's capital city.

Bethesda describes Imperial City's features as such:

..."Developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, the first DLC game pack for the largest Elder Scrolls game ever created is packed with new content. Featuring new areas, quests, enemies, and exclusive items, Imperial City adds hours of additional gameplay for players adventuring through Tamriel on their own, in small groups, or with hundreds of others:"...

  • New PVE and PVP Content: Featuring six distinct Imperial Districts, battle against the forces of Molag Bal as well as the other Alliances.
  • Additional Dungeons: The extensive Imperial Sewers network offers new PVP and PVE challenges for small groups of adventurers, while White-Gold Tower and Imperial Prison challenge PVE adventurers with both Normal and Veteran difficulties.
  • New Quests, Enemies, and Characters: Whether participating in massive PVP battles in the Imperial Districts or adventuring in one of the new dungeons, players will be introduced to new quests and enemies, including the Xivkyn.
  • Additional Weapons, Armour, and Currency: Fight the forces of Molag Bal to plunder Tel Var Stones, a new form of currency you can use for exclusive Veteran Rank 16 weapons and armor, or search for new Treasure Vaults containing other rare finds.
  • Imperial City-Exclusive Collectibles and Items: Exploring Imperial City or visiting the Crown Store will reward the player with a host of new collectibles including pets, mounts, costumes, and polymorphs!

Imperial City is available for free if you have an Elder Scrolls Online subscription. Otherwise, you're looking at 2500 Crowns of in-game currency. You can purchase 3000 Crowns for £14.99, leaving you with 500 to purchase convenience items or cosmetic goods from the in-game store.

If you haven't given ESO a try, it's currently on sale (opens in new tab) for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, at 33% off.

Are you still playing ESO? Let us know below.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • simphf - DPS Mage. Currently 47
  • I am really surprised how much I like this game. I thought with Guild Wars 2 (also ex WoW player) that I was MMO'd out. But Elder Scrolls on Xbox One is wonderful. You get a proper MMO experience, but with added console benefits, like proximity chat, rumble feedback, laying down on couch :/ I am really enjoying it. Already paid for itself in hours I have enjoyed, and I have only levelled 3 toons to level 8 each (trying to gauge which one I like best)  This is a bit like SWOTOR, janky when it first came out, but now polished is a very silky experience.   Recommended.
  • How did this turn out?  Haven't heard much about it since launch.
  • I hope this game ultimately fails to win the players it needs. Because I see the death of the single player elder scroll games here
  • I agree completely.
  • I think Bethesda has the chops to produce both triple A single player titles and MMOs
  • NO! We can only ever do 1 thing at a time....
  • Idk, they farmed out this MMO, and it didn't seem to have been met well. I think what they really need to do is just create a Multiplayer TES. Give me TES VI with support for like 4 or 5 players. That will give the fans what they want.
  • I'd love to be able to have a multiplayer TES, akin to co-op mode in the later Halo titles. Having a splitscreen would be the best!
  • I would hope for split screen just because I know a lot of people want it, but I'd be happy with just co-op through a network. It would seriously be a whole new game, and so much fun either way.
  • Well, seeing that split screen is dead in upcoming Halo Guardians... (aka no more couch co-op) things are not looking good...
  • Uhm just so you guys know Bethesda is not developing this game Zenimax is. So it has nothing to do with Bethesda. Also its a very good game I've been playing it since launch and I just can't get enough.
  • ZENIMAX is making this game, not Bethesda. It does not affect the single player ones in any way.
  • There are problems with skill points being reset and quest's no longer being able to be followed.... I confirmed with multiple in game players they're experiencing the same issues. Calling developer now to see if they can advise...
  • Points were reset on purpose. It's part of the DLC.
  • I'm playing. It's enjoyable, but I find it less engrossing and more of a grind than previous single-player titles.
  • I was up way too late playing the DLC. Very fun.