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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition hits on Xbox One and PC on October 28th

At their E3 showcase, Bethesda revealed Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, bringing the game to Xbox One for the first time.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition fully revamps the visuals of the original, complete with dynamic depth of field, volumetric lighting, reimagined art and textures, and even mod support for consoles.

"One of the most beloved games of the last generation (and all-time), Skyrim Special Edition, brings the epic fantasy to life in stunning, remastered detail, with all the official add-ons included. Skyrim Special Edition will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28th 2016 , and will support full PC Mods on console."

Stay tuned for more information!

  • Yeeeessss.
  • Might have to do this one through yet again...
  • Maybe I'm getting chosier...I have a HUGE backlog of games right now as it is. I loved Skyrim...I just don't know if I loved it that much.
  • Hmm, a largely pointless cash in that can sap development resources from new projects? Awesome! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In a perfect world, at least in my opinion, Bethesda would have announced The Elder Scrolls VI and bundled a backwards compatible version of Skyrim with it on the Xbox One.
  • Yeah they should've just added it to the backwards compatibility list. It's not like it looks bad (by the standard of Bethesda games). And I'm not really sure what the incentive is supposed to be for PC gamers to buy it? EDIT: Although apparently they're giving it to us steam users who own Skyrim and the DLC for free, which is nice I guess. Plus it means i was right, there's no real incentive. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think the team did this to get used to coding for this gen consoles in preparation for a Elder Scrolls VI.
    And for the cash, of course ;)
  • i so hope your right because they need it especially if ESO is any indication of their skills for the next gen consoles
  • So... Guessing OG Skyrim isn't going to make back compat then...
  • Been waiting for the backwards compatibility of the game, but this is even better.
  • Personaly, I don't think that paying premium for a graphic upgrade of a game I already own is any better. and now the chances of this game geting backward compatibility on the Xbox One are slim to none...
  • i have this game got it on steam for $5.00 are the updated graphics going to make the world better? i will think about it. price depending if i get it on xbox.
  • I heard they will give the new version to PC owners who have the Legendary version.
  • It seems like a complete waste of time releasing this on PC.
  • Why in the name of Uriel Septim VII are they re-releasing the most recent game? An upscaled Oblivion or Morrowind would have been far more welcome than this otherwise superb game.
  • i held
  • i held off on this. i can finally play it
  • You're in for a treat ☺
  • Will buy if its on the Windows Store
  • As tempted as I am, I am not sure I would play it again from the beginning. Would be cool, if they use the old savegames. That would be a big thing. Otherwise backwards compatibility, please!
  • this!
  • Own this on PS3 never got into it that much and have it as one of my many games to get back to
  • Please add Survival Mode.Please add Survival Mode.Please add Survival Mode.
  • Will I be able to use my existing game save? If not, I will pass, as much of a TES fan I am. Now, if this were Morrowind, I'd be all over it.
  • Great news!
  • Finally! Muh Fav game!! Yeah, I had all the extra addons and dlc form my 360. Hope they don't milk existing customers too bad for this SE
  • As of writing this you can get ESO from the Xbox store for around $30. While it doesn't have the story of Skyrim, it is enjoyable and should tide one over until TES VI.