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Elements of Fluent Design make their way to the Xbox (beta) Windows 10 app

Fluent Design adds elements of translucency and cursor responsiveness to interactive features across all of Microsoft's apps and services. The most prolific examples of Fluent Design can be found on the Windows 10 Fast Ring for insiders, where more and more system apps and features are picking up design updates.

Microsoft previously showed some concepts of how the Xbox dashboard could look with Fluent Design. While we found out at E3 2017 that Microsoft isn't ready to talk about when (or if) the Xbox dashboard will pick up some Fluent visual tweaks, at least the Xbox (beta) app for Windows 10 is about to join the party.

The hamburger menu on the left side of the Xbox app now has a translucent effect, allowing you to see right through to whatever is behind the app. There's no mouse-over light feedback on the menu as seen in Microsoft Groove and certain other apps, but there's no reason to think it won't arrive in the future.

It'll probably be months until all Microsoft apps are using the Fluent Design System fully, but at least for the time being, we'll have to put up with the random updates here and there. We'll keep you posted on other updates.

Download Xbox (Beta) from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Jez Corden is a Senior Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • I can see Jeez and I love and have the same color profile.
  • Why does he have a tiara on?
  • Why does he have a tiara on?
  • Really this fluent design thing reminds me a lot of Aero. Really missed Aero so glad to see it is back and it looks great! Cannot wait until all the apps are using it.
  • I wonder how and why they add the Fluent design to their apps when the language comes officially with the Fall Creators Update.
  • I think cause it coming in wave 1 2 3 etc. so better to get feedback
  • It's a series of design. Fluent design wouldn't stop with the Fall Creators Update even if it did come with it, so why not just start experimenting now?
  • But the APIs for the design don't work on the CU, so they have to build it from the ground up for every app in which they implement the design. They could just wait for the public APIs to be available to save a lot of work (if I understand that right).
  • The effect as it is now looks like ass, in my opinion. They need to reduce the graininess and the blur seems a bit strong...too much diffusion of the elements behind it. It makes it hard to tell there is anything behind the window sometimes. And placement on some apps seems inconsistent or out of place. Additionally, there are some apps and menus within them where I think it would make sense to have the translucent effect, and it's not there.
  • admit, I'm not a fan of the grain, looks pixelated
  • Just give us a option to adjust all this.
  • I really don't know why but I don't have any fluent design elements on my computer and I have the latest version of everything.....its just regular colors! :?
  • Make usre that you've turned an transparency in settings.
  • It's on mobile too....
  • Hey will the wc app get these updates too
  • Interesting question since I don't even remember when that app got an update....not to mention a featured one.
  • I wonder if in the future the grains can shine when the pointer is near them like about 2 inches away, and the shine color can be changed to silver, bronze or gold, or even set to sparkle. That will be brilliant. As well as shine or sparkle intensity can be changed.
  • nice feedback it
  • I posted it in the Feedback Hub already. Title Fluent Design Customizability, go upvote.
  • Lets leave a feedback on that. MSFT has always allowed customizability. Maybe the gradient should work with accent colors. You think?
  • So the Store app would be next? 😉
  • They showcased it coming to the store too. Yay!
  • This Fluent Design makes me glad. If I went online, UI/UX designers focus mainly on Android and IOS because they have a design mode. I'm glad MSFT is here now.