Elite: Dangerous and The Long Dark now available on Xbox Game Preview

At its E3 2015 press event, Microsoft announced a a new service called Xbox Game Preview that allows users to play ID@Xbox games before they're officially launched in a manner similar to Steam's early access program. Now, the first set of games for this program, Elite: Dangerous and The Long Dark are available as previews.

For a quick rundown, Elite: Dangerous is the fourth game in the Elite series, and plants players in their own starship with the task of exploring millions of star systems as they combat their way through space. The Long Dark, on the other hand, tasks players with exploring a frozen wilderness as they simply try to survive against the elements.

The preview version of each game is free to try for Xbox One owners now, with purchasing options available as well. As far as prices are concerned, Elite: Dangerous clocks in at $30.99, while The Long Dark runs $19.99. At those prices, Elite: Dangerous is a great deal, coming in around $23 cheaper than its price on Steam at the moment, while The Long Dark is a bit pricier at $10 more thanks to the Steam summer sale.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • There's also £5 coupon for returning players on the PC purchasing Elite: Dangerous for the Xbox One.
  • How is elite dangerous? Literally never heard of the series. Is it open world kind of or linear?
  • OMG!! You've never heard of Elite? It completely changed the world of gaming when it was first introduced tin 1984 for the BBC Micro. It was then ported to most of the other 8-bit platforms (inc. C64, Spectrum, Apple II, MSX), then to 16/32 bit platforms (e.g. Amiga, ST, PC). How they managed to cram as much game as they did into 14KB (yes, **KILOBYTES**) is a study in astonishingly efficient and pragmatic programming.
  • Already 400h in elite dangerous. Definitely worth it. My favorite game so far, with many free updates like the recent Powerplay patch.
    The galaxy with billions of star systems (which you can all visit) changes depending on the players' actions. The political situation and economy can be changed by you. If you fight for the Federation and conquer systems, they gain momentum. You can fight in civil war in huge combat areas. So awesome.
  • How do I join Xbox Game Preview ?
  • Someone needs to invite you who is already in it
  • Kind of a bummer. We all pay for gold and should have an easier way to get in.
  • Anyone want to invite me to the preview? I'd be very grateful
    GT: Hmar9333
  • I'll do it, not a problem, I just have to add you as a friend first so don't be surprised if you get a random friend request. It will take 1-2 days for you to get the message over XBL to enroll.
  • CAN I please get a invite? mikeclanton619   if i get a invite ill invite others. sharing is caring.
  • CAN i also get an invite. My gamer ID is : iansharky   I will also share with the friends.
  • If you could add me too I would greatly appreciate it! GT=eroc1990
  • Please add me as well, kind sir!
    GT:  Rok
  • Rocco, Any chance you could invite me as well?  Gamertag is Hghlndrkid.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
  • Someone please invite me.to preview. Gt: Killswitch on
  • Just invited you, you should get a message from XBL in 1-2 days allowing you to enroll.
  • Holy molly! Thanks so much Rocco!
  • can you shoot me a invite if you get one, i think i missed rocco sending them out. mikeclanton619
  • Hey Dave, shoot me an invite please? I've been wanting the preview forever seeing how I already run it on everything else. GT: xz4chsh4x
  • Hey, since youre sending out invites, would you be ever so kind and send me one too please?: Oldblinddeadjim
  • Is this the Xbox Preview Program? Cause if it is then I'm already in it. If not and this is a new service please let me know.
  • Would it possible to invite me into it?  My GT is Hghlndrkid.  Thanks
  • Me love you long time for an invite! Please? GT: bagels90
  • Hey can you invite me too, I have been waiting to play this game GT: MR SoloD0LO3
  • Sweet!
  • The Shlong Knight???
  • Would be nice if you could drop me an invite as well: delerium29 Thanks so much!!! :)
  • I had no idea this was coming to consoles this soon, this is one game i been wanting to play but my laptop is not up to par
  • Wish there was an XBox remake for Starlancer for Dreamcast. That was a sweet game.
  • Can I get an invite? Gt is Kuthumii
  • Pleasse someone add me!!: Gt: Rurache
  • Hey there guys, would some kind fellow,XB1 gamer also send me a Preview Invite? much appreciated, gamer tag : CptJackBlack  
  • Peeps can I get an invite too? game tag: U235
  • If everyone that got added returns the favor/pass ut on it would be Nice! Gt: Rurache
  • I played Elite dangerous online for PC great game. pretty balance. super fun. Think freelancer with eve but you are the pilot.
  • Any chance someone can invite me to the preview program? Cheers Gamertag: aussiestaffy
  • downloading it now.
  • Could you pleasr invite? Gt:rurach
  • Excellent!
  •   Can you please send me an invite. My id is Dom1UK   
  • May I please get an invite? GT: Vandareeth (same as username) Thanks in advance :)
  • If someone would invite 'majohnny' too I would really appreciate it. How did this whole thing start btw? I mean, someone had to have the first invite^^
    What about the normal Xbox preview program? Can I still get in that, too? I got an invite from Microsoft when it started, wasn't able to accept though because I wasn't in my home country and when I returned home the message timed out :(
  • Wow Elite first game I got into on an Amiga anybody willing to send invite FLOSSYPARROT pretty please
  • Can someone please send me an invite? My Gamerstag is : Bjorn Nordin Thx
  • Guys does anybody knows if I buy the game preview in XBOX One for $30.99, how much will the discount price be, for the game coming out in july (the final version)? THANKS!!!!
  • If you buy a Game Preview title, you don't have to rebuy it when the game is finalized. You get all the updates.