Here is how to enable Cortana's Lifestyle and Fitness Tracker interest

The Cortana team has been rolling out new Interests to Cortana's Notebook for a few weeks now. One of them is the Lifestyle category, with Fitness Tracker as the particular class. (The other new interest is Showtimes + Trailers).

Many of Cortana's characteristics and interests do not roll out to users all at once. Instead, Microsoft tends to push it out slowly, gauging feedback and usage. Lifestyle though is an interesting one: it appears that you can get the interest to show up by merely saving a favorite place as 'Gym'.

If you are unsure on how to save places as favorites, follow these steps to get the Lifestyle interest in Cortana

How to enable Lifestyle and Fitness Tracker in Cortana

  1. Search for business/gym in Cortana 
  2. Tap the name of the found business 
  3. Tap the '+Star' icon near the bottom to add to Favorites 
  4. Nickname the location 'Gym' 

It could take Cortana a few hours before the Lifestyle interest shows up. To check, just follow these directions:

Check for new interests in Cortana

  1. Launch Cortana 
  2. Tap the hamburger menu (upper right corner) 
  3. Interests 
  4. Tap the '+' near the bottom 
  5. Scroll until you see 'lifestyle' 

It is not 100% clear if this is a regionally restricted feature or if this works for everyone. We tried it on our phone, and it did work, hence this article.

Unfortunately, we have not exactly seen what the Fitness Tracker does, since we tend to hit the gym five to six days a week, ahem. Presumably, Cortana reminds you if you have not gone for some time and to hit the racks again. Additionally, it would be interesting to see if the personal assistant gives any other fitness tips.

Update: @sayonical has tweeted us an image of what happens with Cortana if you miss a workout. See above. Despite the calendar reference, you do not need to schedule a workout. Cortana instead decides this on location and frequency of gym visits.

For more information, hop into the Cortana Lounge forums!

Thanks to Likwidz for some of the screen caps

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Is it on Windows 10?
  • Yes it is. I just found it on my Lumia 830.
  • Why dont they r releasing it for 620 n lower models :'(
  • Patience is a virtue :) They have already said that the next update will open the gate for more phones. Of course they haven't said which phones. If you really want to try w10 that badly, save up and get a 635. I'm sure you can find a pretty good deal now
  • Next: Search for a washing machine in cortana and tell her to wash my clothes!
  • Search for....the mind boggles.
  • Is it worthwhile to add features to Cortana now. I mean they should rather concentrate on Windows 10 and it's integration and also on releasing Cortana to more countries. These can come later.
  • Huh, you know a lot about product development of digital personal assistants. Why not work for Microsoft and give them your managerial expertise? Personally, I do not see how one team focused on regionalization and one for Windows 10 interferes with the team that adds features and interests, but I'm just a blogger.
  • Know that. Don't go on me. But my suggestion is to put all the resources available in regionalization department and speed up to release Cortana to all markets with Windows 10. Or again the same story of how slow is Microsoft. And well you know....
    Nobody really cares about our opinions here. It just gets muffled up between WC Members.
    You have a typo in 2nd last para.
    *Windows not *Widows
    Bank Of America Article.
  • Not everyone that works on Cortana CAN work on regionalization. It's not like you can just stick a bunch of programmers in a room and make it go faster.
  • Studying and working hard to join Microsoft one day. Not in the marketing or any managerial department though.
  • There are probably technical issues involved. Marketing, Project/ Product Management and engineering/ development ones, e.g. Outside, we'll never know! Just speculate or show our user experience, which might be matter for another subject! ; )
  • This is why we love Daniel :). The voice of reason.
  • Actually, he's a bit sensitive these days...was funny and 'reasonable', now just kind of touchy.
  • He's like that only, I nva mind him. He's a mixture of----
    Humor,Logic,Rudeness,Reason,Aggressiveness and more which I haven't detected yet. However he is, he runs WC very well, dunno wanna switch him ever.
  • @Daniel, I don't think you have to enable a favorite to see fitness tracker in the interests list. Just go to interest and add lifestyle. It will show up on Cortana's list. Later, places can be added to it. Wonder if you guys just wanted to have a favorite ahead of time before enabling the option.
  • "Just go to interest and add lifestyle"
    This is my point though ;) I didn't have 'Lifestyle' at all under Interests. It did not exist. Once I saved 'Gym' as a favorite location, THEN I had the Lifestyle interest. This is what I meant about features rolling out to users. Some of you have it, many do not.
  • Selecting Cortana, hamburger bar, interests, daily glance, there is a tick box to include fitness tracker in daily glance. I have also saved gym location under favourite places, but nothing yet.
  • I hope MS will release US Cortana and Xiao Na worldwide.  Let user choose which version they prefer.  I've been using Cortana in Singapore since it's release and it works 100% most of the time.  I know they are trying for localise content, like Showtime + Trailer.  While there is no showtime recommendation in SIngapore, I have been getting new trailers consistently.  That said going to try out fitness tracker, need to set it up. Thanks for the setup article.
  • As someone who lives in Cortana's land of birth, a location that has been able to use Cortana to her fullest available extent, thanks to her creators and own personal assistants, I respectfully disagree. Thankfully MS has personnel for a variety of tasks.
  • It's just an odd suggestion raised among millions which go unheard.
    IDC if you agree or disagree. Everyone has a right to do so. You can't stop (and even ask me too) me while there are hundreds of odd unwanted ones below, right in this article and many others.
    If you have anything to contribute please do, otherwise don't go on snapping on others. (commented on seeing you repeatedly going after me).
  • I'm not going after anyone. I didn't realize I responded to you in another article. I'm not stopping you from voicing your opinion. I posted relating to the subject and your comment. Regarding "hundreds of odd unwanted ones below", I'm not sure I fully understand what you're saying buy think you are assuming I read every comment here. If so, that's next to impossible when working and checking in when new articles are posted.
  • "Since we tend to hit the gym five to six times a week"
    Daniel, do you even lift, bro?
    *NOTE--His time for family and love is not known to me.
  • WC = Water Closet?
  • Common Sense..?
  • Is that like Spidey Sense, but for the rapper Common?
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  • "Just because you are not sensitive to cultural contexts"
    I didn't knew about it actually at all. Never meant harm. Peace.
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  • ^ This
  • ^ That
  • From India settings with US having movies and trailers interest but to me it is not showing any trailers or movie related things like urs.. What's the problem
  • Lack of regionalization. Bing has not integrated with theaters in your country.
  • Cortana will still provide trailers, but just won't give you a nearby theater to check out the movie lol Now if they can figure out a way to play the trailer without forcing us to youtube, then I'd be impressed (I already am, but I'd be impressed-er xd)
  • I believe it pulls the data based on your location. So making your region US opened up the feature but now the feature can't find any data with your current location.
  • Not sure I understand why it has to be tied to a gym location. I workout at home. Should I make my home address my "Gym". Then it will think i live and sleep at my gym. Or will it not recognize it because i already have it saved as my "Home". Same applies for people that run outside; they don't have a "Gym" unless you count all of the outdoors. And if it is only tracking how often you go to a specific location, there really isn't much value in my opinion. I wonder if it can read the Motion Data and track overall activity versus how often you are at the gym? I love how more and more is added to Cortana; just trying to understand this one. Can't wait for a further review once this feature starts to come alive.
  • To be honest I had similar thoughts and wondered why it would not appear in the hamburger menu for toggle on off. But it may be as you mentioned that it simple tracks how often you go❓❓
  • It's made for general application I supp, it's not already personalized for an individual. Everyone doesn't GYM at home you know.
    Try doing it and share your experiences with everyone here.
    Or yeah maybe a Feedback Mail would be nice.
  • I thought the same since I spend more time on my bike than in any gym.
  • Would be nice if it sync with your band. Have the ability to say get up and walk around lazy bum. Keep it on par with that fruit company.
  • If the apple watch worked with windows phone I would get it. I like my band but it could be so much better.
  • But the Band is still better than the Watch I supp.
  • And I'm here, waiting for any announcement for availability in México... Hope it comes by the time Windows 10 does.
  • How to add a music recognition search option as seen on some lumia devices
  • When I open Cortana there is a little music symbol next to the hamburger bar, that's it. But may not be available in your region, idk?
  • Cortana actually asked if I wanted her to track this a few days ago, I enabled it. But haven't got any notifications as of yet. Maybe it needs a few times to really understand my workout habbits.
  • Hope showtimes and trailers comes to the uk
  • Yes ❗ I want this too :)
  • Same here!
  • us only?
  • I just want they to expand Cortana to others countries. But it seams that this will only happen after Win10 launch, since the won't be any WP8.1 update anymore.
  • I imagine that there'll be a series of countries waiting for release with Windows 10, yeah, but there's no reason why Microsoft can't push out new regions to 8.1 if they want to - Cyan established the groundwork for Cortana Integration, so any phone running that or Denim would likely only need a small update that solely focuses on activating Cortana for a specific region. As it's a minor OS update, like the 535 screen-fixing update, it won't need carrier approval or customisation to different models. So it could happen.
  • alright I got this set up! I'm sure Cortana will be yelling at me soon enough :)
  • I cant find it in my Lumia 1320 on cyan update..? Is this need Denim update..
  • After I added the gym location it took 4 days for it to show up
  • Not in India yet.
  • Mine showed up without having to take going to the gym. I just looked after reading this article and it was there.
  • Just checked and it showed up in my interests as well; but it says i need to add my gym location for it to work. Seems like it is location based rather than schedule or activity based.  Still a cool feature but a "workout at home" person like me probably won't see any benefit. I don't want to confuse Cortana.
  • Agreed. As someone who lifts at home, trail runs, cross country skis and paddles daily a Cortana Workout feature not solely based on a gym membership would be nice.
    Edit: After reading about Fitness Tracker also appearing maybe my above comment will become moot.
  • and only Weather and News for Alpha users.
  • Hmm, I may have finally had enough and say good bye to Cortana Canada Alpha....
  • I would like to see Cortana issue a notification whenever a new option such as this lifestyle/fitness option is added and available. Not every user reads, nor do they peruse the options and settings to look for additions regularly. My father has a 1520, and the only way he knows about these new features is if I show him.
  • I could not agree with this more.
  • That would certainly take up a lot of battery and many would be irked by the notifications too, unless they give a switch with it.
  • I was able to simply add the fitness tracker using Cortana's notebook, under the category "lifestyle". No need to add a gym location.
  • Right, but for many of us this is not the case (including myself) due to the feature rolling out to users.
  • Fitness tracker shows up under daily glance also when enabled, but what it does for me will have to see.
  • You don't have to wait for it to appear, just hit the + at the bottom and add lifestyle. Interested to see what this does.
  • Well, for many of us (myself included) we never had the Lifestyle interest. That was my point about features rolling out. This method is for those without this interest and how to 'force it' to appear today.
  • They did this automatically for me after It asked if I named gym as a favorite place :)
  • Here in Brazil cortana will not work properly cause we have a poor Bing. I can't find anything there and I have to use google. We need good POIs in here maps and better Bing results before asking about Cortana.
  • A integração dela com mapas e bing são excelentes. Você pode começar dizendo "google" por exemplo. Ela trará o resultado com base nesta palavra-chave (claro, não é a mesma coisa, mas daí para dizer que vc não acha nada, uhmm. Pegue a informação que precise no google e insira no notebook dela!)! Afora os comandos por voz e ativações. Uso sempre (handsfree)!
  • If "Gym" is a keyword to get Cortana to do something useful, it should be in the choice list along with Home, work and other.
  • Thanks, Daniel! It worked instantly!
  • Can someone tell me how to activate commute? Because it never tlls me when to leave for appointments.
  • You only have to add your home and your workplace as favorites for daily commutes. For appointments, it should work automatically as long as the adress is properly filled in (at least it did for me).
  • Wish commute could have more details entered INSTEAD of learning my details.  I want to enter a start time and base it off that.  I don't always show up, or leave at the exact same time.  Traffic is NOT an issue where I work, so she is always telling me to leave at different times.  Lately, she hasn't said a thing about it.
  • Cortana is REALLY looking good. Keep em coming.
  • amazing features!!!
  • It looks like fitness tracker is found in windows 10 under the notebook/ daily glance section from the Cortana hamburger.
  • Mmm.. lifestyle...
  • Doesn't seem to do anything, for me, here in Canada.
  • Still just weather and news for me. This is hands down the worst personal assistant available in phones here currently.
  • I reside in Australia and always miss out
  • Cortan seems to be down now: "my suggestion well is dry"...
  • Excellent ! Thanks for instructions. Worked just as you described except that it showed up in about 10 min. on my Lumina 1020 (Cyan) with AT&T...
  • When she comes back to Germany, i miss her on my Lumia with win 10 TP?
  • Can't wait until Cortana is out of alpha in Australia so I can use this...
  • sucks that they aren't releasing these sort of things to us ALPHA users.........................
  • what about University?:D I would B glad if she leanr my scheduler and remind me to get the class!D: