'Endzone: A World Apart' is a Windows PC strategy game set in a post-apocalypse

Endzone: A World Apart power plant
Endzone: A World Apart power plant (Image credit: Gentlymad Studios)

What you need to know

  • The new trailer for Endzone: A World Apart shows off some basic gameplay.
  • Surivival won't be easy and you'll have to contend with radiation, drought, sandstorms, and shortages.
  • Pre-orders are open now with the game coming to Steam Early Access in Spring 2020.

Endzone: A World Apart, a post-apocalyptic survival city builder, looks like a blend of Frostpunk and Fallout. The objective is to make it after your small group of refugees emerge from an underground nuclear shelter, called an Endzone, to find the world in ruins.

The trailer, which dropped earlier this week, showcases some early gameplay and discusses what you'll have to face. The challenge will lie in surviving everything the world can throw at you. Devasted by nuclear fire and severe climate change, the earth is worse off than ever.

While you don't have to contend with mutants or harsh winter, there are plenty of other things that serve to derail your settlement. Radiation and radioactive rain, droughts, sandstorms, food and water shortages, all of it will challenge you as a leader and force you to adapt and strategize.

As is often the case with these sims, there will be a lot to juggle as you work to provide for your citizens and protect them from this changed world. Assuming you can weather all of the dangers, you can even send your people out on expeditions to ruins, where they can discover treasure and resources.

Endzone: A World Apart will be available in Early Access on Steam come Spring 2020. Pre-orders are now open on the game's website for both the Standard Edition ($20.99) and the Support Pack and ($30.99), the latter of which includes the game's soundtrack.

Head over to Endzone-Game.com for further details.

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