Engadget Giving Away a Wii

Engadget is running a contest for their 3rd birthday, one of the prizes is a Wii + 10,000 Wii Points. Why are we posting about that on a Windows Mobile site? Well, our very own WMExperts Store is sponsoring that particular prize. So head on over to Engadget and start making that screensaver they're asking for!

We'll pick the five best Engadget screensavers as judged by the editors of Engadget and award out prizes in order of merit. Oh, and we'll be adding all the winning screensavers to the Engadget software page, too.Also, big ups to the WMExperts store for providing the Wii and 10,000 Wii points to the grand prize winner!

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(Our own Prize-A-Day contest is going strong, a new one for today will be up in just a bit)

WC Staff