EnGenius ECS1008P review: Connect all your devices together with help from the cloud

EnGenius made a network switch with PoE and cloud support. What more do you need?

EnGenius ECS1008P
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You cannot overstate the importance of a network switch in a work or home environment where there are numerous wired devices to connect together. Investing in a capable, yet affordable switch allows you to transform your home or office into a smart hub, connecting a whole host of hardware, from security cameras to printers.

EnGenius makes some compelling hardware in this space with a catalog of network switches and access points for the creation of fast local area networks (LAN) with the added bonus of cloud functionality. The EnGenius ECS1008P is a prime example, rocking eight ethernet ports at 1Gbps and support for external access. Is this one of the best-managed switches you can buy for your money?

What you'll love about the EnGenius ECS1008P

The EnGenius ECS1008P comes in a neatly packed cardboard box. There isn't much included, aside from the switch itself. EnGenius bundles manuals, mounting screws, and the AC adapter, but you won't find any CAT cables. This isn't a huge issue since you can purchase cables for next to nothing from plenty of sources, but it would be nice to see included for those setting up a fresh network.

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CategoryEnGenius ECS1008P
Ports8x 1 Gbps
PoE802.3af (max 55 W)
Storage32 MB
Capacity16 Gbps
Web support
App support

The ECS1008P itself is a cloud-supported managed 8-port switch with power-over-ethernet (PoE) support for up to 55W. That's quite the jargon to break down. Being a managed switch means you're able to dive in and alter a whole host of settings with the web admin panel, as well as official EnGenius mobile apps.

There are eight 1Gb ports that allow up to a maximum of 100MB/s of throughput per port, though this is limited to 16Gbps overall. You could hook up your router or external-facing modem to this switch and have a further seven devices (PCs, printers, etc.) connected with full access between them. You can think of a switch like an extension lead, but with a focus on data instead of power.

Speaking of which, the ECS1008P can actually supply power over the ethernet connections with up to 55W available. This is perfect for devices like phones, cameras, and other hardware that can make use of PoE without requiring a dedicated power supply. Being a level 2 class switch, this hub is best suited for transferring data between connected hardware. It's perfect for home and office use.

The EnGenius ECS1008P switch is packed full of powerful features.

For administrating the managed switch, the ECS1008P comes with a few neat tricks. Firstly, you can choose to take advantage of local management or the cloud-based backend from EnGenius. Opting to use EnGenius will unlock a host of tools and analytics to see how your network is performing.

EnGenius Cloud

Source: EnGenius (Image credit: Source: EnGenius)

This is where things can get pretty awesome with this switch, providing you with plenty of charts and the means to manage traffic, both through a desktop browser or using the official smartphone apps from EnGenius. If you plan on using other EnGenius cloud-enabled hardware, including additional switches and access points, this software can bring it all together in a single management interface.

Things I disliked about the EnGenius ECS1008P

EnGenius ECS1008P

Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

The 16Gbps maximum capacity isn't amazing, especially considering we have eight ports available. Should you connect several PCs and have them transfer large files over the network, the ECS1008P may struggle to keep up with the traffic demand. While it's not an issue to most who purchase switches, there aren't any CAT cables included with this switch.

Should you buy EnGenius ECS1008P?

EnGenius ECS1008P

Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

If you need a new switch to manage the traffic on your home or office network, the EnGenius ECS1008P is amazing. It offers excellent value for what's on offer, which includes eight 1Gbps ports with PoE up to 55W, cloud support with EnGenius' online services, in-depth management controls, and analytics, and good enough cooling to keep everything running smoothly.

There's really not much to dislike about the ECS1008P. Whether you plan on using local management or cloud-based, this is an excellent network hub for homes and small offices. If you manage to throw in a few more switches or access points and you can easily deploy highly capable, yet easy-to-manage networking infrastructure.

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