Enpass can now sync your passwords without the cloud

Enpass for Windows
Enpass for Windows (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Enpass now supports Wi-Fi Sync, which allows you to share passwords across devices connected to the same network.
  • The feature allows you to sync passwords across devices without having to use the cloud.
  • To use the feature, you have to have your desktop run as a Wi-Fi Sync server.

Enpass, one of the best password managers and best password generators, just gained support for syncing passwords without having to go through the cloud. Enpass Wi-Fi Sync lets people sync their data across devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This eliminates the need to use the cloud or to move sensitive data through the web.

The feature works by having your desktop run a server that is discoverable via mDNS protocol. Any Enpass apps on your other devices can then connect with the server. Enpass explains the ins and outs of the feature in a new blog post.

Enpass already has a unique approach to password management. Passwords are stored on your device and then synced through the cloud provider of your choice. It works with OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and several other popular services. If none of those are to your liking, Enpass Wi-Fi Sync is a new option that might work. You can also choose not to sync data across devices.

Enpass explains that while it can securely sync data through the cloud, some people prefer to keep passwords local.

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