Enpass Portable now available to take your passwords on the go with any USB drive


Enpass has officially launched Enpass Portable, version of the password manager that lives on a USB drive and is meant to make accessing your passwords easy from any computer. While the Enpass Portable was previously available to anyone through the password manager's beta program, this launch marks the end of the beta and the start of general availability.

Enpass Portable will let you manage your passwords from a USB drive

What's interesting about Enpass Portable is that it allows you to have access to your stored passwords from any desktop platform. While that won't necessarily mean much if you use the Enpass mobile apps, it could come in handy for quickly snagging your login information on public machines, like those at a library. Enpass explains:

As the name suggests, a portable program is a software which requires no installation. Enpass Portable brings all the functionality of the Enpass desktop app with the ease of using it directly from your USB thumb drive.You don't need any admin permissions to install Enpass… essentially, you don't even need to install it before using it. Just plug in the flash drive, launch the Enpass app, and remove when done. As easy as it sounds!

All you need to get started is Enpass Portable and a spare USB drive and you're good to go. If you're an Enpass user interested in trying out Enpass Portable, you can download it for free from Enpass now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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