Enpass update adds full-time Windows Hello support for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book


Enpass has posted an update for the Windows 10 version of its popular password manager. It includes full-time Windows Hello support for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices.

Enpass Windows Surface

Enpass explains what's been updated in a blog post:

We introduced full-time support for Windows Hello with the version 5.1 for Windows 10 Mobile devices with TPM chip, like the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL. With the latest update, we've brought the same functionality to your Surface devices.Now, with Enpass for Windows, you don't need to enter the master password to unlock the app – even when the app or the device is restarted. Just enable Windows Hello from the settings, and enjoy the seamless peeking, pretty much like you log in to Windows itself.Well, we know, we took a while to bring this feature to your Surface devices. Although, it should've been right there from the start, but we preferred to do it in a secure way taking care of these security hurdles rather than to do a quick job and hinder your experience. Note that the full-time Windows Hello support is only available for devices having TPM chip, essentially, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 for now.

The update also includes secondary tile support, which means Windows 10 users can put Enpass tiles to their Start screen for any frequently used items so they can get to them much faster. The new version also allows users to re-order the fields in an item any way they want.

There are also some minor improvements, such as a new password strength indicator on the app's Detail screen. Windows 10 Mobile users can now open web URLs from the clipboard in the Enpass browser and several new search engines, including Bing, have also been added to the browser as well

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John Callaham