When I first laid eyes on the Eve V courtesy of Windows Central's Computex 2017 hands-on, I saw it as just another Microsoft Surface lookalike and, frankly, quickly forgot about it. But when I was offered a chance to review the Eve V in the opening days of 2018, I looked into the company behind the device – and I found a nimble upstart trying to do in the PC space what OnePlus has done in the smartphone world: build something powerful, price it affordably, and give users a voice in the process.

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As with most products, the Eve V doesn't live up to all of the bold promises its creator lays down – and due to some problems with my preproduction review device, I faced more challenges than usual building it into my workflow. But those issues gave me a chance to see what "crowdsourced support" means, according to Eve-Tech ... and once I got it working, the Eve V gave me my first experience with a crowdsourced computer. Join me for the MrMobile review!

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