Everspace 2 features new drones, interface improvements, and more

Everspace 2
Everspace 2 (Image credit: Rockfish Games)

What you need to know

  • Everspace is a popular space shooter available on Xbox Game Pass.
  • The developer recently released a new open-world game.
  • Everspace 2 is coming to Xbox One in 2021.
  • You can purchase Xbox Game Pass through Amazon.

Recently at Gamescom 2019, Rockfish Games, the creators of Everspace, announced Everspace 2. Unlike the rogue-like prequel, this game is an open-world space shooter with classic role-playing elements and persistent player progression. Everspace 2 is coming to Steam Early Access in 2020 and should hit Xbox One in 2021.

The team has received a lot of feedback since the title was revealed and a lot of changes have already been made to the title. Everything from the drones to interface elements have been tweaked. You can read about the major changes below as detailed to us in a press release.


If you have played the original Eververse, you may have noticed that drones were more of a 'thing' than in any other... game. Due to our limited budget back then, we could not afford to create a plethora of high-detailed enemy spaceships... While we now have a bigger budget for Everspace 2, we still like the concept of throwing even more enemy types with all sorts of capabilities at you while keeping our production costs at bay... The Outlaw Sniper Drone uses a targeting laser to focus on enemies from afar... the Detonator Drone is quite noisy once it settles for a target, so you will at least hear that it's about to annihilate you if you do not initiate countermeasures immediately.


In our previous update, we already had a sneak peek of some... tweaks for item management. Today, we are excited to share even more improvements as well as some entirely new screens with you... A top-level screen that offers specific menus depending on the pilot's specific docking situation. It serves for quick navigation for both mouse and gamepad users... Storage and Inventory are now separated for more clarity and better item management.

Other aspects of the interface like the job board, ship screen, and more have been added. The menu looks much sleeker than the first game, and even what we saw at PAX South 2019.

Are you excited for Everspace 2? Let us know.

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