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Everything we've learned about the Surface Book so far

Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000

Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000

Go large with the Surface Book, recently unveiled at Microsoft's #Windows10Devices event in NYC. The Surface Book puts a 13.5" 2-in-1 laptop into the expanding Surface line-up, and we now have the full rundown on its specs, design and availability.

Rumors of larger-screened Surface devices, well, surfaced a few weeks ago. The final product turned out to be a little more jaw-dropping than expected, though, due to its bold design and monstrous specs.


Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
DimensionsLaptop: 9.14 x 12.3 x 0.51-0.90 inches (232.1 x 312.3 x 13.0-22.8 mm)
Tablet only: 8.67 x 12.3 x 0.30 inches (220.2 x 312.3 x 7.7 mm)
WeightLaptop: Non-GPU: 3.34 lbs. (1515 g)
GPU: 3.48 lbs. (1579 g)
Tablet only: 1.6 lbs. (726 g)
Mechanical featuresMagnesium body
Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge
One-button Muscle Wire detach mechanism
Physical clipboard buttons: power, volume
StorageSolid-state drive (SSD) PCIe 3.0: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB
Display Screen13.5-inch PixelSense™ Display Resolution: 3000x2000 (267 ppi)
Contrast ratio: 1800:1
Aspect ratio: 3:2 100 percent sRGB color, individually calibrated
Touch: 10-point multitouch
CPU6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 or Core™ i7
GraphicsIntel® HD graphics 520 and optional NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics Processor with dedicated 1GB GDDR5 high-speed memory
Memory8 GB or 16 GB RAM
Keyboard & TrackpadFull-size, integrated backlit keyboard with 1.6mm key travel
Precision trackpad with glass laminated trackpad (7,350 sq. mm)
Five-finger contact recognition with full Windows 10 support Subpixel resolution
SecurityTPM 2.0 chip for enterprise security
PenSurface Pen: 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity Magnetic storage
Network802.11ac 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi wireless networking; IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible
Bluetooth 4.0 LE wireless technology
BatteryUp to 12 hours battery life for video playback (detached screen has around 3 hours)
CamerasWindows Hello face-authentication camera (front-facing) 8.0MP rear-facing auto-focus camera, with 1080p HD camera
5.0MP front-facing 1080p HD camera
AudioDual microphones, front- and rear-facing
Front-facing stereo speakers with Dolby® audio
PortsTwo full-size USB 3.0
Full-size SD™ card reader (UHS-II performance)
Surface Connect for power and docking (base and clipboard)
Stereo headphones/microphone jack Mini DisplayPort
SensorsAmbient light sensor
Power supply36W power supply with USB charging port
65W power supply with USB charging port (discrete GPU SKU)
In the boxSurface Book
Surface Pen
Power supply
Quick Start Guide
Safety and warranty documents
WarrantyOne-year limited hardware warranty

The Surface Book sports a 13.5" screen and comes with several configuration tiers. Like the Surface Pro 4, it's rocking Intel's fresh Skylake processor, and all the benefits that go along with it. Due to its form factor, the Surface Book can pack more capable hardware, beating the Surface Pro 4 in terms of raw power. Indeed, Microsoft is calling the Surface Book the "ultimate laptop", claiming it to be the fastest 13.5" laptop ever made.

The backlit keyboard base is removable, and the higher spec configurations contain a discrete Nvidia GeForce GPU within it. When detached, the screen portion acts as a large Surface tablet, complete with touch capabilities and compatibility with the new Surface Pen. When detached from the GeForce GPU, the screen portion utilizes capable integrated Intel HD graphics instead. Microsoft isn't pushing the detached screen as a tablet, though. Panos Panay described the separated Surface Book as a 'digital clipboard' on stage, based on an A4 sized piece of paper. When split, the tablet portion sports around 3 hours of battery life, but the rotational fulcrum hinge will allow you to use the Surface Book in multiple positions without separating it from the primary battery.

The Surface Book screen packs PixelSense technology found in the new Surface Pro 4, delivering 6 million pixels at 267 PPI on a ten-point multi-touch display.

The Surface Book has clearly been developed using feedback received on the Surface Pro 3, boasting similar improvements found in the Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pen has gotten refreshed, and can be connected to the side of the screen magnetically. The Book's keyboard is spaced out similarly to the revised Pro 4 Type Cover and enjoys the inclusion of an auto-focus camera.

By adding an Nvidia GeForce GPU, the Surface Book joins industry standard creative tools for design and 3D work. The Xbox team were involved with the development of this custom chip, and as of writing it's not known which Nvidia GeForce the Surface Book chip is based on. Panos Panay noted that the Surface Book wasn't designed with gamers in mind, but that didn't stop him from demonstrating Gears of War on it, which certainly appeared to run flawlessly.

Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000

Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000

Overall the Surface Book, right down to the name, seems to be directly targeting the MacBook Pro user group. The ad campaigns for the Surface Book tout creativity as its number one use case, but for Microsoft, the Surface Book is also about changing people's perceptions. The Surface Book and Microsoft's other recent innovations paint the company in an entirely different light when compared to the era of Windows Vista and the Red Ring of Death.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella rounded off the Surface Book presentation saying he wanted to bring people 'home' to Windows. If they keep delivering such exciting products, it certainly seems like a realistic goal.

..."We're moving people from needing to choosing to loving Windows, and these devices promise to fuel even more enthusiasm and opportunity for the entire Windows ecosystem."...

Pricing and availability

As of writing, the Surface Book is only available to pre-order in the US, Canada and Australia, starting at $1,499 USD, $2,299.00 AUD and $1,949.00 CAD. A user on reddit claimed that a Belgian Microsoft rep expected the Surface Book to appear in Europe in early 2016 but stay tuned for more information on that.

For an idea of the price tiers, here are the current US listings (retail prices may vary):

  • 128 GB 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 with 8 GB of RAM $1,499 USD ERP
  • 256 GB 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 with 8 GB of RAM $1,699 USD ERP
  • 256 GB 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 with 8 GB of RAM and NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics Processor $1,899 USD ERP
  • 256 GB 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 with 8 GB of RAM and NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics Processor $2,099 USD ERP
  • 512 GB 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 with 16 GB of RAM and NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics Processor $2,699 USD ERP

Dan and Mark attended the event in NYC and have gone hands-on with this impressive new addition to the Surface family. Keep your eyes on Windows Central for more coverage and a full device review in the near future.

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Jez Corden
Jez Corden

Jez Corden is a Senior Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • They definitely woke up a giant. Everything across the board MS devices are solid. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thing is, this extreme level of r&d and manufacture is expensive. Only affordable to the big three.
    Apple spend a fraction on r&d in comparison. They'll keep trying to copy Microsoft in PC, but their days of short changing consumers to make a buck are coming to an end. With the Surfaces you really are getting something premium for your money.
    Also, whilst I loved 8.1, the market perception wasn't good. Windows 10 makes Windows desirable again.
    To leverage the most from these investments I would love to see Microsoft patent the Surface and Lumia designs and components (eg. camera) but license to Windows OEM's who don't have the r&d budgets. Microsoft wins when the ecosystem ignites.
  • This is ridiculous. I want one so badly. I can't wait to see what Panos will do with the Lumia line.
  • I know, right?
  • I'm wondering what magnificent Surface phone would he deliver, if they are working on it like the rumours said.
  • That are indeed. Surface phones coming in January/February... Watch this space...
  • Where exactly are you getting this timeline? Dan has said himself that he hears "perhaps May" but no where have I seen January/February timeframe.
  • doubtful as well. Around January you will still see the 950 and XL being released around the world. May seems way more feasible and the Surface team and Lumia team need more time to really re-invent the Lumia line, Panos always mentions how long and detailed they are about their machine designs. Surprised they got the liquid cooling system inside the 950.
  • Liquid cooling....for continuum.
  • It will be interesting to see him reveal the first Lumia (or Surface Phone) desgined under his leadership. The 950s were already far along when he took over and he didn't seem as pumped up about them as he was about the new Surface devices
  • If anything I think he's going to kill the Lumia line. He seemed completely disinterested in the 950 & 950XL and he just glazed over a few of the features. It was a Surface show! I think the Lumias need to be repositioned as vibrant, fashionable,colourful, high end phones with stunning cameras & high definition audio. A phone for all the Artists, Audiophiles, YouTubers, Viners, Photographers and other content creators on the web. People who want to perform stunning photo & video content creation on the go. Not the bland enterprise devices they're trying to make them. I'm almost certain part of the reason Panos paid the Lumias DUST is he's more bothered about the Surface Phone's success.
  • They don't want a vibrant, fashionable,colourful, high end phone. They want others OEM building vibrant, fashionable, colourful, high-end phones. As we already read here, MS can't be the major OEM of Windows phone devices, Google isn't. They need to give space so others partners come back in again, let's just hope they succeed. They looks like on the right track.
  • Panos is THE SHIT!
  • so nothing about new markets for the Surface line... yep, that's Microsoft
  • I want to trade my soul for a Lumia 950/950xl, Xbox one, Surface book and a hololens :s 
  • Are you really serious about that? I know an old town lady who does witch craft and can do strange things like yeah, trade your soul to the devil. Would you really trade your soul for this? Your kidneys are cheaper than the soul. I suggest you think about that carefully.
  • Id trade my soul, because there is absolutely zero reason to believe a soul even exists. So sign me up for soul selling!
  • can't trade what you don't have sir next!
  • One up. That was class.
  • So what you gonna have left to trade when they release SB2,SP5 and successors to the 950,950xl.??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • All I really need to know is two things -It's expensive as hell
    -I can't afford it.
  • Yep :/ I am just hoping to be able to scrape enough together to buy a new phone!
  • I usually don't have trouble paying for phones, because a bit of the cost goes on my phone bill with T-Mo, but a $1500 laptop? No way I could afford it.
  • Actually it's like $2000 by the time you get decent model w dGPU + tax
  • It just gets worse! If they prices this thing $1000 or less it would be much better.
  • Sure, but it only costs about $100 more than a similar Dell XPS 13, which doesn't come with a pen and doesn't have an option for a dedicated GPU. So it seems to me that the price is exactly where it should be. (Though I wish there was an option for 16GB of RAM without the 512GB of SSD.)
  • Not really. The base model is 128 gig SSD, i5, 8 gig ram, and Intel integrated graphics for $1500. HP just announced a laptop (envy 13) that is about the same specs, base model for $850. The only reason it's this price is because they don't want to take away sales from OEMs.
  • Of course that probably comes with a different edition of Windows that costs less, and with the low resolution screen, and no pen, etc... So I wouldn't say it is "about the same specs".  At least not until HP lets you see how much it actually costs once you put the QHD display on, etc... Something closer would be the HP Spectre x360 - 13-4102dx which is $1,400... But it still doesn't have as good of a display, etc...
  • HP build quality is crap, can't really compare anything they do with a Surface or a Mac
  • you don't have to go for the most expensive product you can find you know... your talking like ferrari should cost less because you cant afford it
  • High end MacBook Pro's are over 2k as well but think of this as an investment. The high end device will last for many years vs a low end cheap laptop. In the end you're paying for a quality experience and it's usually worth it.... My wife's MacBook was 2k, so I'd happily pay 2k plus for the Surface Book. Her next machine will be a Surface Book btw, clearly I have no hidden agenda :)        
  • Good for her. This Surface thing is cool and hot at the same time.
  • Thats the way bro!
  • This is to convert mac book users to surface book, who pays around same. There are many budget devices coming up with HP though!
  • I hope when it finally arrives in the UK the 1TB option will be available. Am slightly surprised that they didn't include a fingerprint scanner seen as the new type cover has it alongside the Windows Hello camera functionality in the SP4.
  • You can also get a finger print scanner but it's redundant.
  • It's not redundant on the Surface Pro 3 which the new keyboard is also compatible with.
  • I think Cryio meant it's redudant for this machine since it has a windows hello cam sensor. From seeying how it works, in my opinion, it's more secure than figerprint. However I can see someone get embarrazed if they accidently log on to their machine just by being next to it... and they had forgotten to minimized some windows :-). The sensor I got log me in before I am even in my chair. I think I am going to add the move face to the side.
  • They added the optional fingerprint scanner to the new type cover so the previous Surface 3 (which it is compatible with) could take advantage of the Windows Hello feature of Windows 10. That's all.. 
  • Having a separate device is not ideal for portability, and from what I understand there are programs which will enter your password/bank details when using the scanner rather than you having to type them in, making it far more secure.
  • The fingerprint scanner in the new typecover is for SP3 users.
  • Exactly 
  • Its not a 4K screen. Its a 3K screen. This one is a 3000x2000 screen while 3K is 3200x1800 and 4K is 3840x2160.
  • Was thinking the same thing.. But the device can power 2 4K monitors externally.  The  the DPI on the Book/SP is amazing.
  • Aye, fixed it, was a long day haha, apologies
  • Pre-ordered, specifically to run DOTA. ;p
  • DoTA 2 or the original one? :p
  • What a waste:(
  • I still don't get why it's not available in Europe. 
  • It is a bit strange to bring it to Australia months before Europe... Canada I understand since it's right next door but you can't get much further away than the land of Aus. Regardless, in 2015 it's still stupid that a product can't just be released worldwide all at the same time for the same price.
  • More hoops to jump through there perhaps?
  • We don't have confirmation that it'll be coming to Europe at all, that's what has me most worried (and perplexed).
  • Well the Sydney store it's opening soon so it makes sense to make it available there asap
  • It will come, it will just take longer. Keyboards are the issue. For example, on the Surface Book, a Norwegian specific keyboard is a pretty bespoke item.
  • To good, to expencive.
  • Wanna do a giveaway windows central?
  • So we still don't know what dedicated GPU is in the Book. (Is it 940/950/960) which is it and why is it such a secret.
  • Well it has to be at least the 950 because of the gddr5 ram
  • Well it isn't any of those, since it is a custom GPU. But you are probably correct in that it is either based on the 950 or 960.
  • I suspect it's custom because no discrete GPU has needed to be designed to perform a smooth instant handover on seperation before.
  • It's a similar situation with the Alienware alpha. Though the Alpha is around the 850m mark, it's a custom built one for that machine. This one will too be a custom job, though as it's not especially a gaming laptop, you're probably looking at something like a 950. Don't forget also it has to be kind of hot-swap since it's in the keyboard and won't work when detached. Going to have to wait for some benchmarks after release.
  • I learned it looks nice, little expensive but let's be honest, Microsoft doesn't want to compete with OEMs but give them ideas of how to copy and make better non premium hardware.
    I like it, it would be nice to get one, specs are nice, and its good it got Nvidia, whatever people say, most software I use say "CUDA" on big letters so it's nice if this kind of hardware with a nice pen, could use better those software. Some people say pen is not as good as wacom, but some people think they are pro enough to care about it, also I guess drivers and stuff could get better, also nobody tested the other tips to see if they helped getting rid of the jitter and stuff. At least this device is thinner, with wacom technology it would have been heavier and thicker and people would say how MS sucks for not bringing thinner devices. I also learned how apple fans think Microsoft is a copy cat, and how MS sucks and all that and how Windows 10 is so bad it touched their private parts and and kills their dogs at night. they are pathetically funny, oh fanboys, I might like Microsoft, but it's because I like many software only available on desktop PCs and more if it's available only on windows like 3ds max. Hope OEMs get the idea and start making nice "laptops" like this.
  • Its really expensive but I think its still great value than buying both Surface Pro and XPS 13.
    Quite a stretch but Core 256GB SSD i5 8GB RAM configuration seems doable.
  • Damn the USD/AUD exchange rate...
  • Quadruple damn the USD/MYR (Malaysian) ex rates..
  • Why do most sites not list the specific GPU? I've only seen one site that said 940M, the rest just say Geforce.
  • Maybe the sites don't list it because Microsoft hasn't shared that information. From the article: By adding an Nvidia GeForce GPU, the Surface Book joins industry standard creative tools for design and 3D work. The Xbox team were involved with the development of this custom chip, and as of writing it's not known which Nvidia GeForce the Surface Book chip is based on.
  • To add to the custom nature of it, there's one thing I've been wondering about. Panos Panay has indicated that the iGPU and the dGPU in the Book work together. If this chipset supports DX12, then it would track, because that's what DX12 was designed to do; to allow pooled resources accross an entire system if needed, including load sharing. So when the screen is docked, it should technically have more of a boost than we might expect. Or at least I hope that's the case with the Book ;)  
  • Microsoft has not shared that information with anyone, that is why no one knows right now until someone gets the actual hardware. It is a custom GPU designed by both nVidia and the Xbox team. It is definitely not 940m, nVidia has already said it is not any of the retail 9xxm chips.
  • It's definitely not the the 940 because of the gddr5 ram.
  • it's a custom chip. As the article says, it's based on an existing chip, but they don't know which one.
  • A very important question for me. The clipboard(screen) can be charged without the dock?
    Sorry for my English
  • Did you read the article?   From the specs: Surface Connect for power and docking (base and clipboard)
  • 1 TB available when?
  • I can't wait to get it. October 26th can't come fast enough.
  • I knew it. 1.6 lbs total, from a chunk of aluminum filled with tech? Still plenty light overall. Tough decision between Book or SP4, thinking SP4, wait for next Book.
  • Exactly my problem, I played with it yesterday and fell in love. I own the the pro 3 256/8 and it is a supermachine so I wanted to go for the 4. After crunching my brain last night and reading what I could read this morning I decided to jump and go for the best. Pre ordered it and now eagerly waiting till the end of the month with an empty wallet but he'll I want the book so bad.... Can't wait till it arrives...
  • Very nice!
  • 1.6 is the tablet portion. total is about 3.3
  • I think he means kilos not pounds :)
  • Best device launched in 2015!
  • Better than the Apple Pencil? 8^/
  • Nah, nothing beats a rechargable eraser less wannabe pencil! :P
  • Can you use that Apple Pencil with ZBrush?  Photoshop?  Nope... 
  • $2,000 CAD starting? Ouch. Should the US dollar fall, will they readjust the price again? Absurd pricing for foreign markets.
  • I sometimes smile at how spoiled we are nowadays. I remember when $3000 was the price of the average laptop.
  • Did they announce a 1tb version? Did not see that. Need to research and maybe cancel my preorder
  • On the Microsoft Store web site, the 1 TB, was available as a custom option.
  • The 1TB is Surface Pro 4 only. Surface Book does not have a 1TB model.
  • Jusr pre-ordered the 2,699 version with my dads credit card :D Cant wait!
  • .... Terrible terrible.
    Hopefully your father allowed it child Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hahah!  Did you lift your dad's card or did he approve?
  • Lifted it, He would understand :)
  • Somehow I doubt that 0.0.
  • Wow! If I do that, my dad would kick me out of the house. You lucky guy you! Enjoy man! We'll work hard and get try getting the same in a year lol. Perhaps the Surface Book 2.
  • And tell me your house address lol :P
  • That they don't include the discrete GPU standard is silly, IMO.
  • They could have but then the base model price would have gone up. Usually their price for that GPU is over $100 if not closer to $200. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'd rather spend $1,600 to get it than $1,800 though. Without the GPU in the base, it really is just an insanely overpriced SP4.
  • Except the bigger screen, included full size keyboard, increased sturdiness with "lapability", has more ports, significantly longer battery life, and having the option to connect it to a keyboard with discrete graphics in the future. But other than that... exactly the same.
  • Of course, you didn't actually bother to read before responding. I specifically spoke of the non-GPU models under $1,900 (mistakenly thought it was $1,800). Those DON'T have the option of hooking into a GPU, as there isn't one present. The rest of that, you can basically spend less money on SP4 stuff and get the same effect (except the display). The Book's keyboard isn't much bigger than the SP4's, given it doesn't have a number pad (there, it's not TRULY a full keyboard). The ports could be made up with the dock (which could also assist with the display issue, if you actually find it a problem). The battery life might be better, I didn't see the rating on either. Still, you're talking a small screen boost, some extra juice, and a bit of a stretching of the keyboard. The lowest of the i5 SP4s, when compared to the same setup in a Book (i5, 256 GB flash, 8 GB RAM) is $400 cheaper. Is that worth battery life you might not extend to and a better keyboard for your lap? IDK, I think that without the discrete GPU involved, this is an exceedingly expensive take on the Lenovo Yoga.
  • A small screen boost, more practical keyboard, and much longer battery life may very much be worth it for quite a few people. Also, who's to say that you can't just but a different base later with a gpu?
  • Well, let's do that math... --The like-to-like price difference between the SP4 and and SB (i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage) is $400. So, the base is essentially $400. --The like-to-like difference between the SB (i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage) with the GPU and without it is $200. So, the GPU is $200. Based on that, you can go buy the Surface Book, and if you want to get a GPU-inclusive base later (assuming it's even sold separately), you can go drop $600 on that. So, that upgrade, on top of the initial purchase, it putting you at a starting price of $2,100. That also assumes that Microsoft doesn't do its typical thing where it discounts bundles ($100 to add a Kinect to an Xbox One bundle, but $150 to buy the Kinect separately), which could mean the upgrade runs in the neighborhood of $700. Yeah, that seems like a market people are goign to swarm towards. Get a SP4 with a bit better physical layout for $400 extra, then spend another $600 to get teh GPU later. Now you've spent $1,000 more than a comparable SP4, that's AWESOME.
  • What's the better play?  Should i pre-order a device or is it better to just go to a microsoft store instead and pick one up?  I happen to work right beside a store.  I'm just curious if they deliver them a day earlier like i've heard it happen with other devices. I wish i could get a 128GB with the GPU.  That'd be my combo. On second thought since i'm not a gamer or don't run any intensive apps, would i even need a dedicated GPU?  i'm wondering how much better a dedicated GPU would be.  To watch  movies and stream HD videos to my TV.  Wondering how good the integrated GPU is on these new skylake processors.   
  • It doesn't sound like you need the dedicated GPU. The Intel graphics is very good for most purposes.
  • awesome !! that's what i thought it.  I just fear that i'd want to start playing games and bringing this thing everywhere.  ..ah well  entry model it is!..  (2 grand.. GEEZ)
  • Ooh dear its too dear! HP or Dell clones for me.
  • how long should I wait till the prices drop?
  • Next year about 2-3 months before the release of the new model if they keep with the strategy they have had with the original surface line. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ^THIS
  • Still like to understand more about the "Surface Connect" port.  Is it USB Type C?  Proprietary? 
  • It should be the same proprietary magnetic style connector from the SP3 and 4. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Panos "We made no compomises" ....... except using proprietary connector for Charge and Dock instead of USB Type C
  • Most likely to use the same connector as the SP3 and 4 thus the dock can be used with either of those two as well.
  • Let's try to be realistic here. USB type C would not be enough to handle 2 - 4k monitors, 4 - usb 3 ports, 1 gigabit ethernet and audio out. Apple may think this is possible but everyone knows they're all drinking the Koolaid.
  • any information about what type of nvidia they use?.  
  • Looks nice except that hinge gap. It's makes it both interesting and little weird. Carry it a bag and I wonder how much junk will get stuck in there. I wonder why they couldn't detune the tablet portion when undocked to allow better than 3 hours of battery life. Maybe the tablet portion has a really small battery? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ya I wished it didn't have that gap.
  • it obviously has a smaller battery. i'm sure they needed to drop the weight so that the laptop wouldn't tip over. it is very too heavy.
  • I wonder if that gap is big enough to fit the pen
  • 16gb I7 512ssd and just the high end Intel graphics would have been nice as an option  Maybe in the future :)  
  • That config is basically a high end Surface pro 4
  • Do we know what type of RAM this thing is sporting yet? Pretty disappointed it is only 1GB Dedicated GDDR5. Was hoping 2 or 3 at least.
  • Are there any 13 inch laptops with 2 or 3 gbs of gpu ram? I would think 1gb of vram is more than enough to run a 13 inch screen.
  • The Gears of War wasn't a demo, it was video playback that Panos claimed was captured on the Surface Book. It probably was but it was still not really demoed
  • Also, is anyone taking into account that this has PCIe SSD not just your the SATA SSD drives that in the Surface Pro 3 or 4? PCie SSD is more expensive. Also, is reason the Book stops at 512 gig.
  • The Book stops at 1tb.They haven't offered it on their site yet.
  • I wish I could have a 256GB i7 16GB version as well. :(
  • Next year... 17" Surface Book with a pen with tilt sensitivity... and an optional add-on to the base with a the next gen Titan graphics card!
    ...and free cute puppies! And a personal butler!
    Do it MS!
  • Hahaha
  • Given the prices, it might be good to remind people about "Earn by Microsoft" :-)
  • *Earn Beta is available in Arizona, Massachusetts and Washington only.
  • The hinge is cool and all, but also seems a bit "cool just be cool". I.e. it does not seem to add much to functionality/usability, and leaves that gap between the screen and keyboard. One would think they could have made it a lot thinner with a more traditional hinge. 2nd generation perhaps? But yeah, it is cool. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The design of the hinge helps balance the weight of the screen/clipboard when it's opened by extending the base a little. The design of the hinge also keeps the screen from touching the keyboard buttons when it's closed. My Surface 3 screen always needs to be wiped down due to the keyboard cover constantly touching it's screen. Also flipping the screen around and closed, the hinge gives it a very shallow angle for writing and drawing along with something to grab when holding it like a book.
  • Ah just the info I was looking for - 3 hrs when the screen is seperated from the base. Thanks Jez for informative article.
  • Thanks bud
  • Could someone please give info whether the (type cover) keyboard on SP4 or SB1 is Bluetooth enabled?.
    Can you continue typing and using the keyboard when it is NOT ATTACHED TO SP4 or SB1?.
    Thanks :)
  • The Surface Pro keyboards should already have a bluetooth adapter that's sold separately. There would be no practical reason for the Surface Book's keyboard base to be bluetooth since the screen doesn't have a kickstand.
  • i want to trade my i7/8gb ram/ 256gb sp3 for the i5/8gb ram/ 256gb dgpu surfacebook.....
  • My DREAM for the next 2 years............
  • So so gorgeous. I want one.
  • Can someone explain what is this device without the graphics card? I mean the models that do not have the graphics card somewhat seems wierd.  Is it just for the keybaord?
  • Lighter laptop, less expensive than the dgpu version, Possibly more battery = the promise of actually lasting the full 12 hours and the possiblity of being able to upgrade to the gpu version later on by swaping out the keyboard base. There are laptop users that really don't need a descreet gpu when intergrated graphics are more than enough. I'm curious to know if this laptop has the ability to auto-switch graphic cards based on certain apps or user's usage. Is the gpu switch a manual option or does it automaticly default to the more powerful gpu?
  • This is the kind of HERO devices people can aspire to. I know I want one, but I also know I cant afford one right now (just bought me a different high end laptop six months ago) but for my next pc, this will absolutely be my number one choice! 
  • The only downside about the SurfaceBook is the price. I know i know its worth every penny, but right now its a downside for me :(
  • 3 hours detached.... Yiked..... i didnt see that comin..... Am i the only one finding thayt scary?
  • Why would you get a 2 in 1 laptop if you plan on using tablet mode for more than 3 hours? It would make more sense to buy a Surface Pro instead if you plan on exclusively use it in tablet mode.
  • Nope
  • The level of WANT is too damn high
  • I'm interested in what Microsoft will do with the regular surface 3, will it be a minor upgrade with a slightly larger screen like surface pro 4? Will they announced a smaller surface book? But to me having too many products creates confusion Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • a smaller (and cheaper) Surface Book would directly compete with their oem partners so I doubt they would make it.
  • still no confirmation on the GPU chip? they could've just looked it up in dxdiag..
  • I love the device but that price...
  • is reasonable since it is a highend laptop that out performs a mackbook pro at the same price point. this and the fact that the screen is basically a surface pro
  • think someone in portland can buy me a sp4 and ship it to me here in AZ?  I will pay via paypal or whatever other means.  I would love to avoid paying taxes!!
  • Man im in love with this device. Gonna worj extra time, and cut down on smokes, save some money and get the highest Surface Book. Yeah, that'll take me a year. Might as well wait for the Surface Book 2 then. Smh
  • So that transfer of 3GB in 6 seconds...
    That doesn't seem standard to me. What the hell happened there?
    I want that. Seriously, I can transfer 8-10GB of data in less than 30 seconds between my computers??? my god.
    Tell me how. Is that a special port on the Surface Book? Is that on the Surface Pro 4 as well?
    Is it maybe a faster USB drive?  
  • It's pure pci-e transfer rates. I assume the drive is a soldered m.2 4x. Maybe nvme ssd?
  • A couple of things I haven't seen posted yet that I discovered/confirmed while playing with the Surface Book. * you can attach the power cable to the bottom center of the "Clipboard" and it charges, which implies that the new dock will work as well. * the store eployee was pretty sure that the battery in the keyboard base will not charge the battery in the clipboard part, so if you run out of juice up top, definitely plug it in. * the new pen has a single barrel button. defaults to lasso selection in OneNote. * the employee claimed that there is a microphone in the pen for when you call up Cortana with a long eraser press. Our tests were inconclusive. * pen uses a single AAAA battery, unlike the Surface 3 pen which used that plus some coin batteries for the top button. * There are some magnets in the screen and base that keep it somewhat "locked" when completely closed. * sd card reader is full-size, but half depth, so you won't be keeping an SD card in there full-time since it will stick out the side. (this is unfortunately common on many machines)  
  • ??? How could the keyboard base not power the clipboard?  Why else would there be batteries in the keyboard base and the device be advertised for 12 hour battery life?
  • What I mean is that if you drain the battery in the clipboard, then attach the clipboard to the base without power, the battery in the base will power the unit, but will not charge the battery in the clipboard to give you more standalone clipboard time. It was a question that someone else at the store asked, and it is a situartion that hadn't occurred to me, but some other people may be interested to know.
  • thank you! I was disappointed that the clipboard wasn't chargeable separately, but turns out it's possible! great for reading and drawing in bed
  • The killer app for the Surface Book (as well as Surface pro) is Windows Update. The fact that I will never have to search for a bios update, hardware drivers or any type of firmware software to install is worth the premium price alone. Macs has always had this advantage since their hardware was preselected and dont have to worry about having to support thousands of different models, unlike all of the third party OEMs. Also having a prestine install of windows with absolutely no bloatware is a plus.
  • what i want to know is, the capability of the surface CLIPBOARD when detached fron the dGPU keyboard base. is it iria 520 in the i7 6600u when detached?
  • I apologize if this has been mentioned earlier - but i find it, maybe insulting to hear the claims of this being a macbook pro killer when they fail to mention the specs.  Mainly the big 3 (to me), CPU model and performance, GPU model and performance, SSD performance (ie, SSD or PCI-E SSD.  Macbooks get like 1300 mbps performance and my SP3 gets a third of that at best).  Why hide this information and why are people pre-ordering without knowledge of how fast this thing really is?  It's too high priced to be anything less than a 15" macbook pro competitor but i believe it's only dual core performance.  So i'm really not sure how this fits in with mainstream consumers and the professional markets.  But that isnt stopping me from wanting one but stopping me from opening up my wallet to get one.