Everything you need to know about skills and leveling up in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord
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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord's skill system is a little different to the first game ... and pretty much most other RPGs out there. It's a little complicated at first glance too. But fear not! While it's explained in-game through the use of tooltips, I've compiled the full list of skills right here, as well as how to level up, focus all your points correctly, and become a God.

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The successor to the popular Mount & Blade: Warband strategy game, Bannerlord adds plenty of improvements to make this an even more immersive medieval experience.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Attributes are your main character stats that determine a few overlying perks. For every three levels your character reaches, you'll receive an attribute point to spend. These are incredibly valuable, allowing you to build a character that matches your current game playstyle.

  • [VIG] Vigor: Governs melee combat, including one handed, two handed and polearm.
  • [CTR] Control: Important for ranged characters who enjoy throwing stuff or using bows and crossbows.
  • [END] Endurance: The ability to run across the battlefield without breaking a sweat. This oversees horse riding, sprinting, and smithy.
  • [CNG] Cunning: This is a useful attribute if you wish to better anticipate actions of others for counter strategizing.
  • [SOC] Social: If you're interested in becoming a trader, this is for you.
  • [INT] Intelligence: Medics, engineers, and stewards all require a decent level of intelligence.

Each attribute governs three skills, which in turn level up as you use them. Spending points into an attribute makes it easier to level up the respective skills and increases the hard cap.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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In order to level up your character, you need to first level up some skills. Once you've leveled up a few skills, your character will gain a level. For each level your character gains, you unlock a focus point. The focus points allow you to train in skills at an increased rate.

Find below all the skills and their respective attributes, as well as some brief details on how to increase the level.

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AttributeSkillHow to level up
One-handedVigorUse one-handed weapons.
Two-handedVigorUse two-handed weapons.
PolearmVigorUse polearm weapons.
BowControlUse bows.
CrossbowControlUse crossbows.
ThrowingControlUse throwing weapons.
RidingEnduranceRide on horseback in battle and around Calradia.
AthleticsEnduranceGo on foot in battle and around Calradia.
SmithingEnduranceSmelt and craft weapons.
ScoutingCunningTraverse difficult terrain and spot tracks and hideouts.
TacticsCunningUse tactics in battle, simulate battles, go up against tough foes.
RogueryCunningSell prisoners, bribe folk, raid settlements, and lead bandits.
CharmSocialPlay games, talk nicely to people, and barter.
LeadershipSocialKeep morale high.
TradeSocialRun caravan routes and make profit.
StewardIntelligenceSpend time in owned settlements, pruchase upgrades, and increase troop morale.
MedicineIntelligenceHeal wounded in settlements.
EngineeringIntelligenceConstruct and utilize machines in siege.

Skill perks are available through the skill tree that are unlocked when that skill reaches a certain level. Clicking on a perk will activate it. When there are two perks available, you must select one.

Focus points

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Focus points are incredibly handy to have available. You get one per character level gained and what these allow is for the increased rate of experience gained for using a specific skill. For instance, if we were to put one focus point in bow, we'd be able to level that skill up faster until a certain point, at which it'll return to normal (shown by the green area).

It's best to use focus points on skills you use frequently and want to level up quickly, or those you use less frequently and still need to unlock a certain perk down the skill tree.

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