EVGA will replace RTX 3090s bricked by Amazon New World

New World
New World (Image credit: Amazon Games)

What you need to know

  • Amazon's New World MMORPG entered beta not long ago.
  • Due to frame rate issues, it was bricking EVGA RTX 3090s.
  • EVGA is now stepping up to replace dead GPUs.

If you haven't kept up on recent events in the world of the best graphics cards, here's the scoop: People started playing Amazon's New World beta. For certain customers, this resulted in a flat-out dead GPU. Now EVGA, whose graphics cards were at the center of the whole fiasco, says it's going all-in on replacing the broken units.

In a statement to PC Gamer, an EVGA spokesperson said, "yes, all failed 3090's are being replaced." But EVGA may be going even further than that if an insider scoop from JayzTwoCents is accurate. According to his sources, the company is sending the replacement cards out right away, not even waiting for the dead units to be sent in first.

That still leaves dead EVGA RTX 3090 owners in limbo for a little while, but for far less time than they'd otherwise have to endure if a traditional defective part replacement process was required.

For a more in-depth look at what exactly happened with New World, here's the gist of it: The game's menus didn't have FPS caps built in, meaning high-end graphics cards would churn out insane frame rates then burn out. While many people chalked up the issue to defective EVGA cards, there were a few reports from owners of other graphics cards citing issues.

JayzTwoCents seems to have heard from many other GPU owners as well:

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Whatever the case may be, at least EVGA owners will receive something in exchange for their dead GPUs. And do note that Amazon released a patch for the uncapped FPS issue as well.

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