Evolve and Heavy Weapon now free through Xbox Games with Gold

The second half of March is now in full swing, which means that Xbox's Games with Gold program is ready to serve up a new pair of free titles. Starting today, Xbox Live Gold members can pick up Evolve; Ultimate Edition and Heavy Weapon without shelling out a dime.

For anyone unfamiliar, Evolve is a pretty unique take on the multiplayer shooter genre. Each match is a 4-versus-1 affair, where a team of players, all in different specialty roles, are tasked with taking down another playing as a monster. The first part of each match is essentially a hide-and-seek game, with the monster player seeking to buy time and upgrade its powers by "evolving" via a variety of ways. The team of 4, on the other hand, want to take the monster out before it becomes too strong.

Heavy Weapon is a much simpler concept. As an Xbox 360 Arcade title, the action game tasks you with using tanks and the titular heavy weapons at your disposal to defend liberty with "gigajoules of destructive power."

Evolve will remain free through April 15, while Heavy Weapon is up for grabs through the end of March.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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